Are You A Social Media Over-Sharer?

Your Social Media Habits Could Be Setting You Up For Serious Trouble
Social media is an integral part of all of our lives - both at home and at the office. But if you're a social media over-sharer, you're going to want to break that habit ASAP. We're not talking about people who update their status constantly and post endless photos, chronicling their entire day on various platforms. We're talking about the little pieces of information you're willing to share without a second thought, and the little bits of access you grant without even realizing you shouldn't.
You Need To Recognize Your Bad Habits Before You Can Break Them - Let CSP Show You How Join CSP, Inc. for our What You Need To Know About Facebook Privacy webinar.

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We will be discussing risks and behaviors that include:

  • The dangers of location tagging
  • Sharing information with third-party apps
  • Leaving default account settings in place
Our conversation will cover best use practices for Google, Facebook, and more!

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