Colorado Timberline Taken Down by Ransomware and What That Means for You

According to Statista, there were 184 million ransomware attacks in 2017 and the average ransomware demand is over $1,000. Individuals, organizations, and companies have fallen victim to these attacks[...]

Who is Responsible for CIPA Compliance?

First, let’s get something straight: CIPA compliance is a prerequisite for receiving E-Rate funding discounts to pay for communications services like internet connections and (for now) Voice Service[...]

Have You Checked Out the Early Version of the New Outlook on the Web?

Microsoft is offering an early version of the new Outlook on the web for you to sample. If you open your Outlook Live Mail Inbox, in the top right corner, you should see a “Try the new Outlook” to[...]

#CSPCares: Hurricane Florence Storm Relief

Friends— If you are like me, I’m sure the last two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions:  scared, personally relieved, devastated for others, and humbled – just to name a few.  While[...]

Congratulations Josh Wilshire — CSP’s Employee of the Quarter!

CSP Inc.’s Employee of the Quarter Program recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of employees who provide high-level customer service with a focus on departmental and companywide go[...]

How Can I Stop Being Distracted and Get More Work Done?

5 Ways to Reclaim Your Time There are hardly any jobs in the modern world that permit you to work completely apart from other tasks. Getting stuff done today demands concentrated levels of teamwork a[...]

10 Critical Things To Look For When Choosing An IT Service Provider

How Do We Choose An IT Service Provider? 10 Critical Things To Look For If your IT company doesn’t return your phone calls, their prices are too high, or they run in to “fix” things only to run [...]

Hurricane Florence Update: Florence Now A CAT4 Major Hurricane

Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4 Evacuation Orders Begin in the Carolinas The National Hurricane Center is now saying that Florence has maximum sustained winds of 115mph, with gusts to 140[...]

Hurricane Florence Is Ready To Impact The SE Coast.

Florence is spinning up to be a Category 4 Hurricane. It’s predicted to make landfall between North Carolina and Georgia this week. Preparing For A Major Hurricane or Tropical Storm When a hurrican[...]

Is Your Cloud Provider Prepared For A Disaster?

When companies fail at or are not prepared for a catastrophe, it’s often because they neglect to think that the unexpected is possible. They often fall into one of two categories: They assume disas[...]