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The Sun Is About To Set On Windows 7
On July 22, 2009, Microsoft released Windows 7 to computer manufacturers globally and eventually on October 22, 2009, Windows 7 made its triumphant debut to the world.
Will Windows 7 become the new poster child for Microsoft in the desktop computer industry? Or, was Windows 7 to experience the same fate as Microsoft Windows Vista, a product that had only been in the marketplace for 3 years?

Fast-forward to 2018, almost 10 years later. Microsoft Windows 7 is slowly fading into the sunset. What's the next step for users?
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Protecting Your Computer From Intruders
Almost every single PC is hosted on some server or online platform such as the cloud. It’s hard to use a computer without uploading and downloading data. But this can open the door to malware. It is alarming to know that someone might infiltrate your system and access personal data or sensitive information and then use it against you.

The truth is, we cannot avoid the internet these days. So then, what can we do to ensure that our systems are secure? This article will outline some of the simple things we can do to ensure that we do not fall victim to ransomware and virus attacks.
Are You Scared of the Cloud?
Whenever you want to choose an appropriate cloud infrastructure, begin by asking yourself a number of questions. One of the most obvious questions is:

Which is better? Private or public cloud infrastructure?

You definitely need an option that assures you of good performance, affordable costs, strong data security, and flexibility. There are two main options to choose from: a multi-tenant infrastructure and a private infrastructure.

While cost, flexibility, data security, and great performance are important requirements for both options, the big question here is: Do you want to share a cloud infrastructure with others? There are advantages and disadvantages to whichever option you go for.
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