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October 2020
It's Time to Up Your Anti-Virus Game
After 30+ years of leveraging antivirus software as the primary endpoint protection mechanism, businesses are finding there is a better way to secure its PCs. By definition, antivirus is a reactive solution - it is always waiting for a virus definition to identify known threats.
  COVID-19 Has Spawned New Cyberthreats
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Creating Secure, Reliable Solutions for Medical Service Providers
Providing healthcare to a community is an awesome task and one that is increasingly complex in today's world of cybersecurity and patient data restrictions. Improving the quality of healthcare no longer simply revolves around ensuring your physicians and support teams have the right training in medical knowledge, but also in the realm of patient management technology and advanced digital or connected devices.
  Are You Looking for an IT Managed Services Provider?
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Why Dropbox for Business Is the Right Cloud Storage Solution
Are you looking for a cloud storage service to help your organization settle into the emerging "work from home" culture? If so, then you've probably heard of Dropbox for Business. But how can you tell whether it would be a good fit for your business? Discover what makes Dropbox for Business a powerful remote work solution.
  What Is Dropbox for Business?
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Are You Relying Only On Passwords For Secure Login?
Maintaining strong and complex passwords may sound easy in theory - but in reality, most users opt for easy to remember passwords instead. Multi-factor authentication is a great way to overcome the users' resistance to maintaining strong passwords. Even though many businesses have much stronger cybersecurity than they did even just 10 years ago, our society is a long way away from being impenetrable. That's because technology is evolving at a constant rate.
  Why Are Strong Passwords So Important?
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