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May 2021
Patch Management Tip
How To Turn Off Sleep Settings
Comprehensive and regular patch management is a crucial part of proper IT security. Fortunately, CSP manages patching for our clients as part of our Managed Services. However, to make sure patches are applied, it is important for PCs to have the proper settings enabled.
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Is Your Antivirus Enough To Keep You Secure?
While most basic antivirus solutions aren't strong or sophisticated enough to defend against today's cybercrime threats, SentinelOne's Active Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides advanced cybersecurity technology. This solution continually monitors and responds to mitigate cyber threats as they occur.
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CSP Employee Spotlight
Anthony Firth
Meet Anthony Firth, Client Engineer - Rapid Response Team. Anthony Firth has been with CSP for almost 5 years now. He stays busy as a Client Engineer and he remarks on his favorite part of the job to be, "The moment when something 'CLICKS', thus resolving an issue".
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Partner Spotlight
Cisco Meraki
CSP, Inc. provides best-in-class services for businesses like yours by carefully selecting the partners with which we do business. Our partners offer the best hardware, software, security features and cutting-edge applications currently available.
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If you've ever had a technology or business related question but didn't know who to ask, feel free to ask us! Each month, we'll choose one of our reader's questions to answer as a feature in our next newsletter. It's easy... Hit reply, send us your question, and if we choose yours, we'll give your company (and your question) a shout out in next month's newsletter.
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