CSP, Inc. Thrilled to Add Annabeth Griffin To The Sales Team

Annabeth GriffinCSP, Inc. is thrilled to welcome Annabeth Griffin to our growing team of IT professionals.  Annabeth is joining CSP as a Sales Development Representative where she will focus on new client acquisition.  Annabeth has an excitement for sales, a passion to learn, and a positive disposition that will integrate seamlessly into CSP’s culture and be a great asset for our clients.  We’re confident you will enjoy working with Annabeth.  Please join us in welcoming her to CSP!

Annabeth graduated Cum Laude from Sweet Briar College in Virginia in 2018 with a double major in Economics and Philosophy with a minor in Mathematics.  While a student at Sweet Briar College, Annabeth did not shy away from a challenge, serving in a variety of leadership roles including that of Student Government President. As Student Government President, Annabeth was charged with upholding the Student Government Association Constitution’s purpose to “Advance the spirit of loyalty to the College and its undertakings,” as well as to “Promote the highest standards of honor and integrity in all phases of college life.”

After graduating with honors from Sweet Briar College, Annabeth began her professional career with some valuable learning opportunities. She learned the importance of impeccable customer service at The Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina, a historic house museum known as the largest privately-owned house in the United States. While employed at the Biltmore, Annabeth worked as both Interim Program Manager for Entertainment and Event Programming as well as a Corporate Administration Intern in Intellectual Property and Contracts. Annabeth also took the opportunity to gain experience at a lobbying firm in Washington, DC as a research assistant.

CSP is excited for Annabeth to bring her broad experience and excellent undergraduate education to work to help drive new business and find new clients for CSP, Inc. Annabeth’s high aptitude has allowed her to quickly pick up the specifics of the technology industry that drive CSP’s sales force to deliver customized IT services and solutions to solve unique business problems for our clients.

Annabeth Griffin brings her engaging and professional approach to business and sales. These two attributes will serve her well in the sales department at CSP as a sales development representative, allowing her to work successfully with organizations in various industries of all sizes. Annabeth is focused and driven – targeting her efforts at making meaningful connections with clients. Annabeth is sure to be an awesome addition to a sales team full of strength.

Once again we would like to welcome Annabeth Griffin to the team. We wish her the best as she gets to know her fellow employees and develops new clients and her own sales portfolio delivering practical and cost-effective solutions for her clients like Microsoft, GreenCloud, 8×8, Datto, Lenovo, and many more. . We certainly look forward to the opportunity to work with her each day, and we are confident that she is going to be a valuable addition to the team, building on our 25 years+ experience in North Carolina!

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