In order to survive, your organization must protect its data and ensure computer systems are fully functional – regardless of any disaster that may occur.

CSP can design reasonably priced solutions that will protect your firm from an IT catastrophe. We can also ensure that all regulatory requirements for data storage and security are met. Discover how: contact us at (919) 424-2000 or

Data Storage Redundancy

CSP provides comprehensive backup solutions for data storage, including design, planning, implementation, administration, training, and ongoing testing. Our approach enables your organization to eliminate critical points of failure that would otherwise severely impact operations.

CSP’s solutions are customized for your organization and utilize the following technologies to provide data redundancy:

  • Cloud-based backup and virtualization infrastructure
  • Real-time server replication to multiple sites
  • On-site virtual failover systems
  • 24/7 server & device monitoring

Managed Backup and Failover

CSP can design and maintain a backup system that acts as a redundant computing platform in the event your primary system suffers an outage. We can design and implement solutions that back up and replicate your entire data center to ensure rapid recovery in the event of a disaster.

Make sure your IT does what you think is best: Reach out to the CSP team and tell us what you want from today’s technology by calling (919) 424-2000 or sending an email to

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