The explosive growth of smart phones and tablets and the shifting definition of the workplace have changed the way employees and clients communicate.

Collaboration technologies enable and support an “anytime, anywhere, any device” business model.

At the core of collaboration or unified communications resides IP telephony over a secured VoIP network. Extending the data network to support voice and\or video allows organizations to control costs while providing a platform to deliver business-enhancing applications that increase productivity. Discover how by contacting the CSP team at (919) 424-2000 or

What is a Collaboration Solution?

Most organizations no longer communicate solely by phone and e-mail. To maximize efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs, organizations must move beyond this outdated approach. Instead, a holistic, unified, and collaborative approach is needed. Specifically, a collaboration suite of products includes the following:

  • IP Telephony Phone System
  • Enterprise-Based Instant Messaging and Chat
  • E-Mail and Voicemail Integration
  • Web Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Mobility Integration
  • Presence

Why Should You Invest in a Collaboration Portfolio?

Increase Efficiency

Your workforce can only be as efficient as the tools you provide them with. Consider how much time is lost by playing phone tag. Or, the amount of time spent traveling to meet in person. The features of a collaboration suite allow your staff to maximize the use of their time.

Grow Productivity

Work any time, from any device, anywhere! Historically, your staff was constrained to his or her desk in order to be productive. Now, your staff can do business from anywhere. Instead of simply using their cell phone, your staff can have access to their office phone, voicemail, chat, and video from wherever they are located. Web conferencing services are also available. The productivity gains are almost limitless.

Save Money

Notwithstanding these gains in efficiency and productivity, an IP Telephony solution can often pay for itself with reduced carrier costs. Older phone systems utilize expensive PRI circuits or POTS lines. Often, the potential cost savings of the carrier costs will be more than a lease payment on a new IP telephony solution. And, the operational benefits will be tremendous!


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