Fundamentally, Managed IT Services is the proactive remote-monitoring and management of a computer network.

When combined with on-site maintenance, these services ensure optimal network performance, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity — all for a predictable monthly cost. Discover how by contacting the CSP team at (919) 424-2000 or

How does it work?

CSP, a top notch IT support company, tailors managed IT services based on your needs, installs network management and monitoring agents on your servers, PCs, and network devices and securely links those agents to CSP’s Network Operations Center (NOC). CSP’s state-of-art remote monitoring and management system offers a long list of mission-critical functions 24/7. Commonly monitored services include email, critical software applications, anti-virus systems, and data backups. Patches and security updates from Microsoft and several third party applications are also regularly applied to your servers, workstations, and laptops.

What if I need immediate help?

CSP’s NOC is staffed 24/7 in order to immediately react to alerts and ensure your critical systems remain available. Furthermore, all CSP Managed Services customers have a private line to a “help desk” staff that is on duty during business hours to render immediate assistance for ad-hoc issues. Specialists can remotely access user desktops if necessary to correct issues. Utilizing these tools, CSP can immediately address an end-user issue without a time-consuming, and unpredictably expensive, site visit. By reducing the number of on-site visits, companies can significantly reduce IT support costs.

Strategic IT Planning

One of the most attractive aspects of CSP’s Managed Services is our “Virtual Chief Information Officer” service. This experienced, senior-level executive helps clients plan and execute IT projects that optimally support your business objectives.

As a Managed Services customer, you will typically meet with your Virtual CIO quarterly to ensure your IT investment is delivering outstanding results, within budget.

How can Managed Services help reduce costs?

CSP Managed Services customers typically save money by reducing your IT staffing budget. Often, IT systems can be maintained at optimal performance for a fraction of the traditional support cost. Furthermore, CSP’s “team approach” for support tremendously enhances the overall breadth of technical talent available to our customers.

Do I need Managed Services if I have an IT staff?

Even with an IT staff most businesses do not receive the comprehensive, proactive management described above with their existing technical personnel. A Managed Services program can be a very effective complement to an organization’s IT staff. Furthermore, the diverse skill sets of CSP’s engineers can typically fill expertise gaps with your existing IT staff.

Make sure your IT does what you think is best: Reach out to the CSP team and tell us what you want from today’s technology by calling (919) 424-2000 or sending an email to

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