The “cloud” has proven itself to be a powerful, business-enabling tool.

At CSP, we help our clients embrace the power of the cloud and navigate its many versatile uses.

The following are three of the biggest advantages of moving to the cloud:

Predictable & Consistent Operational Costs

Are you tired of budgeting for massive capital outlays? Tired of being surprised by unforeseen support costs or unexpected hardware or license needs? If so, our cloud services can help. With a predictable monthly cost, you can streamline your entire IT budget. Furthermore, when looking at a holistic IT budget, the cloud can be extremely cost-competitive. The monthly price of cloud services combines software licensing, hardware infrastructure, maintenance, data back-up, power/cooling, and software assurance. A comprehensive analysis of making your IT expenditures an operating expense instead of a capital investment will often prove to be a net-neutral investment, or better.

Enterprise Solutions in the SMB Space

Most cloud environments run on cutting-edge infrastructure platforms. They have the redundancy, performance, security, and reliability that, in the past, have only been found in large enterprise data centers. Small to midsize businesses can now enjoy these same benefits by leveraging affordable cloud technologies. Furthermore, you organization will always have access to the latest software versions and hardware platforms without having to worry about making additional investments.

Scalability Protection

  • More data was produced in 2013 than in the combined history of the world (Gartner Research).
  • Some analysts predict a 50x growth in data by 2020.

Without adapting new approaches, it will be nearly impossible for a small business to keep up with this exponential growth of data in coming years. While many organizations have historically seen average server refreshes occur every five years, this new surge in data will force that number to drop. The cloud, for many companies, will be a necessary tool required to leverage economies of scale and handle this growth in the most cost-effective manner.

Our Most Popular Cloud Services

Hosted Voice

Learn how a hosted voice solution can transform the way you communicate!

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Infrastructure and Desktop as a Service

IaaS and DaaS have the potential to completely revolutionize your business. Learn more about the benefits of these offerings.

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Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Office 365

E-mail was one of the first applications to move to the cloud. User experience, enhanced security, and redundancy have kept this cloud option popular for years.

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Internet and Telecom

Connectivity is the key to any successful cloud deployment. While CSP is not a carrier, we can resell services from any ISP. Being a broker allows us to provide consultative insight as we design your turn-key cloud solution.

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E-Mail Security and Archiving

Any user can attest to the importance of a strong spam filtering solution. Learn more about how CSP’s cloud-based solution is the best option for your organization.

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