Hosted Voice is one of the fastest-growing cloud technologies.

After nearly ten years of consumer voice solutions (Skype & Vonage), hosted voice services has recently taken off in the business market as well.

What is Hosted Voice Services?

Hosted voice services removes all physical equipment from your office, except the phone itself.  The brains (your PBX) are housed in redundant data centers.  Your data (internet) connection is used to communicate with the call control system.  The internet is also used to make inbound and outbound phone calls.  These circuits need Quality of Service (QOS) to protect and prioritize your voice traffic over non-critical data.  Hosted Voice is a feature-rich voice solution that has all of the standard call features, as well as mobile, desktop, and video applications. Discover how your business can benefit from Hosted Voice: contact the CSP team at (919) 424-2000 or

What are the benefits of Hosted Voice Services?

  • Eliminate your Phone Bill:  Get rid your expensive PRIs or analog lines, and instead use your internet service for all of your organization’s voice and data needs.  All hosted voice offerings also offer unlimited long distance calling.
  • Eliminate Capital Expenses:  No capital outlays.  No depreciation.  No financing of equipment.  No unexpected support charges.  Never get stuck with an obsolete phone system again.  With CSP’s Hosted Voice, there is no need for customer premise equipment, except for the phones themselves.  Instead, be happy with a consistent and predictable operating expense.
  • Obtain a Scalable Solution:  Simply add licenses to increase the number of additional users.  Never again be constrained by the physical hardware limitations of on-premise equipment.
  • Receive Unlimited Flexibility / Remote Connectivity:  With an internet-based service, users can seamlessly work from any office, in any location.
  • Enhance Business Continuity:  Do you have a business continuity plan in place to maintain operations during a catastrophic event?  CSP’s Hosted Voice offerings leverage multiple, geographically disperse data centers to ensure uptime.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can work.
  • Gain Regular Feature Upgrades: CSP Hosted Voice is continually upgrading to the latest market features.  Instead of waiting 10 years to upgrade your own phone system, have peace-of-mind in knowing that you will always have access to the latest features.

Looking for an IT support company to provide hosted voice services? Look no further than CSP!

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