Operational and IT Efficiency as a Foundation for Strategic Business Enablement…

At CSP, we have a steadfast belief that technology must align with, and enhance, your business objectives.

While this mantra seems obvious, too many companies get blinded by “cool” features, faster speeds, and shiny boxes. Ultimately, technology cannot simply be about the technology; it must be a business enabler and optimizer.

To achieve this vaulted mission, we realize that the technology must work very well and at a reasonable cost. Therefore, the foundation of our strategic vision is creating and maintaining an IT infrastructure that optimizes user efficiencies while maximizing returns on IT investments.

The following are some important attributes that allow us to achieve this vision for IT support:

Diverse, World-Class Technical Expertise

We are proud to employ an excellent team of specialists with a broad range of talents. From friendly helpdesk resources to premier Cisco and data center engineers, we have one of the deepest benches of technical talent in the region. This diverse skillset allows us to achieve both operational efficiency and strategic engagements. Our unique approach also enables us to operate as both an MSP and VAR.

Family Owned and Operated

We are blessed to have stable leadership that has yet to waiver from our steadfast vision. While our annual goals may vary, we remain dedicated to providing premier IT solutions and support to our clients. Instead of being distracted by short-term shareholder gains, VC growth objectives, or private equity returns, we are able to maintain focus on the long-term goals of our firm. Our family touch, coupled with technical excellence, permeates our entire culture. We are proud to be a North Carolina firm, run by a North Carolina family, doing our part to make North Carolina a better place to live.

Industry Leading Partnerships

While we have a phenomenal team, we are humble enough to realize we cannot do it all on our own. Therefore, we have partnered with some of the most innovative technology firms in the world to provide our clients with the best proven IT solutions possible. Since CSP is not tied to a single vendor, we can design the optimal solution, tailored to meet your specific needs. We value these partnerships and consider them a critical component of our success.

Make sure your IT does what you think is best: Reach out to the CSP team and tell us what you want from today’s technology by calling (919) 424-2000 or sending an email to info@cspinc.com.

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