CSP’s New Client Spotlight, Asymchem

CSP, Inc., would like to welcome Asymchem as our newest Managed Services client. We are looking forward to being a very effective and proactive IT management partner for this already successful organization.

Asymchem was founded in 1999 in a single laboratory in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park (RTP) and has grown tremendously over the years, extending its operations with multiple labs in China. Their clients consist of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. With a passion for chemistry driving technological advancements in applications such as flow chemistry in API manufacturing, Asymchem has become a multidimensional service platform for “big pharma”, newly emerged biotech labs, and smaller-sized specialty pharmaceutical companies, all who are adopting cutting-edge therapeutics.

Asymchem helps innovators successfully bring their products to market by providing R&D, cGMP production of advanced intermediates, APIs, formulations, and clinical research services. Their mission remains to accelerate the launch of new drugs and to provide one-stop CMC services for the full lifecycle of drug development.

With over 5000 employees worldwide, Asymchem’s only United States location is just off Airport Blvd in Morrisville, NC, with approximately 30 employees on-site and working remotely from California, Boston, and Germany.

CSP, Inc., is also excited to announce our plans to roll out a plethora of security solutions including SentinelOne AV, Cisco Umbrella, Passly 2FA, Proofpoint Email Security, and Pii Protect.

Make sure your IT does what you think is best. Reach out to the CSP team and tell us what you want from today’s technology by calling (919) 424-2060 today. You can also send an email over to info@cspinc.com.

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