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Get To Know Caleb Benton

Caleb BentonCaleb Benton has been with CSP for a year and a half now, working as a Systems Engineer. Each and every day, he works with CSP clients, applying his engineering expertise to solve their problems.

A self-described “computer nerd”, Caleb has a passion for all types of modern technology, which prompted him to study and obtain several key IT certifications such as A+, Server+, MTA, and Linux Essentials.

Caleb brings enthusiasm to work with him each and every day. He greatly enjoys the opportunity to work with a range of technologies and has quickly become an integral part of the CSP team.

“I love working with different technology and companies on a daily basis, so I’m never doing the same thing,” says Caleb. “I also love the team and environment at CSP. It’s an amazing atmosphere. After working in some not-so-great work environments in the past, I’d never give up what I have now.”

A quick Q&A to get to know Caleb even better…

Favorite restaurant in the triangle?
“Kabuki. I go there weekly at this point!”

Once you leave the salt-mine on Friday, what’s your perfect weekend?
“Beer, burgers and hanging with friends.”

Favorite sports team?
“Green Bay Packers!”

Eastern or Western NC BBQ?
“Eastern, easily.”

Best concert you’ve ever seen?
“This will show my age, but G Eazy. I saw him back in 2017 and he was super good live which was actually surprising.”

Favorite comedy movie?
“Step Brothers or Talladega Nights. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are just hilarious together.”

Caleb, thanks for being an integral part of the CSP family!

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