Dr. Clifton, DDS Joins Growing Network Of CSP Clients In NC

The CSP team is excited to share that Dr. Clifton, DDS is the latest addition to our ever-expanding community of clients across the state.

Dr. Clifton, DDS is the latest addition to the CSP client roster, and we could not be more excited about it.

IT is a central part of the modern dental office, and we’re proud to play this small key role in the quality of care that Dr, Clifton and his staff provide for patients in our North Carolina community.

Who Is Dr. Clifton, DDS?

Dr. Thomas S. Clifton has been working as a family dentist in the Durham, North Carolina community since 1991.

Over the course of his more than three decades as a dental professional, he has demonstrated his commitment to providing quality care for patients of all ages. His practice provides a range of dental care services that meet the needs of a varied range of patients.

Dr. Clifton and his staff pride themselves on giving patients the individual attention and treatment they look for in their dental care experience. This combination of friendly, comfortable care with the latest technologies ensures that Dr. Clifton’s patients get exactly what they need.

What Does CSP Do For Dr. Clifton, DDS?

Dr. Clifton, DDS has signed up for the New SafetyNet+ as a part of our managed services. That means we’ll provide robust support capabilities for day-to-day IT concerns and long-term assistance with projects, planning, and more.

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