6 Reasons Why You Should Think About Cloud Communications

There are 6 reasons that you should consider cloud communications for your small- or medium-sized business.  

In today’s business environment, many companies are working to better collaborate with employees, clients and vendors in a more efficient manner without increasing costs or adding too many complications. It’s always a tough decision on whether to adopt new technology, which leaves many organizations in a place where they continue using older tech. They may think they’re saving money by holding off adopting newer, more modern solutions, when, in fact, they may be losing money in the areas of productivity, improved collaborations and cloud communication.

Why Should You Think of Adopting Cloud Communications?

There are several advantages to businesses that adopt cloud communications. One advantage is that cloud communications technology allows any business to pass the routine maintenance and updates to your IT vendor, giving your employees the ability to focus more readily on the core business.

1. Scalability

Most small- and medium-sized business are on a growth trajectory. A cloud communications solution that will enable quick, repeatable deployments in a period of minutes lowers overhead, improves efficiency, lowers downtime, and leaves more time for core business priorities.

2. Flexibility

If your business grows and wanes seasonally, the ability to add extensions during a seasonal rush means you don’t have to invest in any additional hardware or waste hardware that you own. While the communications system is flexible, it is also cost-effective for phone-system management without adding expenditures for more on-site phones.

3. Agility

Cloud communications gives your organization agility. Projects are completed more easily, on time and at a reduced cost, employees can be more responsive to client needs, and teams can spend more time accomplishing goals. Everyone spends less time figuring out the logistics of the new tech or coordinating efforts of various teams.

4. Collaboration

The cloud communications technology is designed to be simple for each user. It gives any employees from senior management on down the ability to host a conference call without assistance from the IT department. Unique features encourage collaboration such as desktop sharing, chat, video and team workspaces pushes productivity to peak levels for customers, partners and staff.

5. Innovation

The innovation of cloud communications offers more than functions and features, because it also ensures business continuity. The ability to continue working seamlessly when a disaster hits affords greater security and reduced interruptions since your data is stored remotely

6. Customer Satisfaction

It’s easier to satisfy customers when employees have access to the functions and features in the office, on the road, or at a remote location. Fewer missed calls or texts translate to greater customer satisfaction.

Is Cloud Communications the Best Solution for Your Business?

Just because cloud communications offers flexibility and moves the burdens of maintenance to your service provider, doesn’t mean that it will fit perfectly to your company’s needs. However, your service provider can sit down with you and demonstrate how cloud technology works, discussing any pros or cons for your business and where you want to take it in the future.

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