Cloud-Based Or On-Premise Infrastructure: Which Is Right For You?

The cloud hasn’t been around forever, but already, the question of “on-premise or off-premise” feels like an age-old question. It’s been talked about on and on by vendors, salespeople, and other industry members, but you still may not be sure about it.

Let’s put the argument to bed.

The key selling point of utilizing cloud-based infrastructure as opposed to hosting your own onsite is that you get to clear out that hot, stuffy old server room in your office building. You instead rent someone else’s servers in their data center, allowing you to turn that extra space into a break room, additional office space.

What Cloud Benefits Are You Missing Out On?

By moving your data and apps off-premise through the cloud, you can get the freedom to clean out your server rooms and gain a number of key advantages:

  1. Reducing Hardware: As already mentioned, one of the key benefits of the cloud is how it allows businesses to get rid of their onsite servers. This allows businesses to reduce the money they spend on office space.
  2. Fewer Expenses: By outsourcing your infrastructure to a third-party, you offload a range of management expenses to them. Utilities like power and cooling, and continuity expenses for liability are all paid by them — you just pay a simple monthly fee.
  3. Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint: Everyone knows how big a deal Global Warming is in the modern world, but not everyone knows that the cloud can help reduce carbon footprints. By moving IT operations into the cloud, businesses can cut energy use and carbon emissions.
  4. Comprehensive Dematerialization: The cloud offers a number of ways to substitute virtual options for their conventional equivalents. Whether it’s by storing data and apps offsite in a data center, accessing work at home instead of driving to the office, or by using VoIP and video chat to conduct meetings instead of traveling there in person, businesses can save money and reduce carbon emissions with modern cloud technologies.

The cloud offers all this and more for each and every single client we work with, so what are you waiting for? It’s never been easier to start moving your business to the cloud, and the benefits are clear: save yourself money that you’d otherwise spend to maintain a server room by transitioning to a cloud environment with CSP.

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