The Situation:

Coats & Bennett had an antiquated, aging IT Server and SAN infrastructure.  This system led to operational inefficiencies, costly maintenance, and a high risk of catastrophic failure disrupting their business.


The Client’s Reaction:

“They are highly professional, very competent in the field, and all around great to work with,” says Coats & Bennett.  “Their organization recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction in gaining recurring business. This project was very well managed and executed.  Excellent job!”

Coats & Bennett is a mid-sized law firm based in Cary, NC.  With a strong focus on intellectual property law, it is paramount to have a reliable, secure, and high-performing IT infrastructure.   To address these needs, they went seeking a local IT firm with strong technical acumen and vendor relationships.  They wanted consultative guidance on the best way to design their new infrastructure as well as a seamless execution.

The Solution:

CSP Inc. designed and implemented a cutting-edge solution that included a VMware infrastructure on top of Lenovo/IBM Servers and SAN hardware.

In the end, Coats & Bennett chose CSP Inc. for a number of reasons, including:

  • Their expertly designed solution
  • Their thorough project management skills to minimize downtime, adhere to deadlines, and provide ample communication throughout the deployment.
  • Their creative pricing model, thanks to work with the Lenovo Financial team to obtain extra discounts and leasing for Coats & Bennett
  • Their local presence with a promise to have engineers thoroughly engaged, on-site, throughout the project process
  • Their understanding of the customer needs, and ability to develop and execute a scope to provide the required solution

Our client explained their choice, saying “They were able to answer all of our needs and questions during the RFP process.  The quote was similar to other quotes, but the location of their office and the financing options made you a more attractive choice.  They also were more relatable in the interview process.”

After getting final approval from Coats & Bennett, CSP Inc. worked tirelessly to implement and complete the project; in the end, they did so well within Coats & Bennett’s timeline.

“Some technology companies want to wow you with verbiage that is very technical and focus less on addressing questions with solid and direct answers,” says {name}. “Their organization did a great job giving the impression you were more about successful project completion compared to the other quotes which ultimately proved true.”

All in all, the staff at Coats & Bennett were thrilled with the technical knowledge and practical ability provided by CSP Inc. in their time of need.

“They bring the level of expertise needed in the technical infrastructure area to help complement our internal IT&T staff and give him a knowledge source to lean on during technical issues with our network set up,” says {name}.

Find out how CSP Inc. can help your Raleigh, Durham, Cary and across North Carolina business with your next project. Contact us at (919) 424-2000 or send us an email at to learn more about our IT services.

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