Creating Secure, Reliable Solutions for Medical Service Providers

Providing healthcare to a community is an awesome task and one that is increasingly complex in today’s world of cybersecurity and patient data restrictions. Improving the quality of healthcare no longer simply revolves around ensuring your physicians and support teams have the right training in medical knowledge, but also in the realm of patient management technology and advanced digital or connected devices.

The CSP, Inc. team is delighted to share that the Carolina Center for Medical Excellence has once again decided to trust us with all of their IT help desk, strategy and IT solutions provider. This extension of our relationship is not only a bright spot in our day but also a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff in providing exceptional service to the CCME team over the years.

As the sole IT services provider for the CCME, CSP will be able to offer strategic guidance that will support physicians and medical professionals throughout the Carolines to provide the highest possible quality of care. With a focus on data-driven analytics, the CCME team has over 30 years of quality improvement experience — making CSP the ideal fit for this forward-thinking organization.

Maintaining this type of positive relationship requires the CSP team to stay active and knowledgeable about advances in the medical industry. We take pride in our team’s ability to dig deep into the medical vertical to ensure we are providing the best possible services to our clients to support their important work.

Creating Secure, Reliable Solutions for Medical Service Providers

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In times of social distancing and remote “everything”, having a secure and reliable IT services provider is a vital component for companies to thrive. The CSP team wants to thank all of our clients for trusting us with your IT help desk services, data and network security and IT strategies!

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