CSP Celebrates 26 Years of Outstanding IT Solutions

As of March 2, 2021, our dedicated team at CSP, Inc. is proud to celebrate 26 years of exceptional IT solutions and long-lasting client relationships. After so many years, we are grateful to be able to pursue our passion for IT while collaborating with plenty of incredible businesses along the way. In fact, it is because of our fantastic partners that we are able to continue providing the high-quality IT support that all businesses deserve.

Although the IT landscape has considerably changed over the last 26 years, we are proud to say that our commitment to our clients has never wavered. As we continue to grow, our experts reflect on the past 26 years with gratitude and look to the future with optimism and determination.

More Than a Quarter-Century of Success

Since our company’s inception in 1995, CSP has consistently evolved to meet the needs of our treasured clients, always providing a level of impeccable service that remains unmatched in today’s market. Over the years, we have stayed on the cutting-edge of IT, expanding our offering to include the services that our clients truly need. Whether it’s managed IT, cloud services, cybersecurity measures or other facets of IT, our CSP professionals are always ready to take on a challenge and resolve our clients various concerns. As technology continues to develop alongside the needs of modern businesses, we are determined to stay up-to-date with effective solutions, advice and technical guidance for our valued clients.

How It All Started

In 1995, President and CEO, Bill Riddick, purchased CSP, Inc. with a dream of bringing superior IT services to Raleigh/Durham, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Cary and the surrounding North Carolina area. Prior to purchasing CSP, Bill honed his IT knowledge and skills during his 19 years at Memorex Telex in various marketing, technical, sales and management positions. Today, he continues to run the company with over 40 years of valuable industry experience.

CSP started off as a hardware maintenance provider and is now a multi-faceted IT partner, mastering everything from managed IT to cloud services and beyond. Our cumulative 600+ clients are a testament to our team’s dedication to unceasing progress and superb client relationships — two passions that will never fade. Bill’s ambitious vision for the business has become reality over the past 26 years as CSP has taken its place as a leading IT services provider in North Carolina.

The Best Is Yet to Come

While we may not know what the next 26 years will hold for our team and wonderful clients, one thing’s for certain — CSP will continue to be the reliable, ethical and hard-working partner that businesses need today.

We are extremely proud of the foundation that we have built as a team since 1995, and we look forward to progressing together to reach new heights. It’s thanks to our skilled team, our loyal partners and our nurturing community that we have achieved this fantastic milestone. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We look forward to seeing what the next 26 years have in store!

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