Continued Heavy Help Desk Call Volume

As organizations settle into their work-from-home routine, CSP continues to experience a 50% increase in normal ticket volume. Compounding the surge in ticket volume challenge is work-from-home issues often have additional complexities.

CSP continues to maintain an “all hands on deck” model for handling the ticket volume. However, our average response and resolution times are not currently to our standards. We are diligently working through the ticket load. Meanwhile, we apologize for the service delays you may experience.

We are prioritizing open Tickets according to the operational status of the end-user. Users that are fundamentally “down” receive the highest service priority.

We encourage our clients to help us prioritize Tickets. For urgent\critical issues, please CALL the CSP Help Desk at 919-424-2060. For less critical issues (i.e., operational but impaired), instead of calling the help desk, please email a service request to – or complete a web form at Service Requests submitted in this manner are typically responded to within four hours.

A contributing factor in CSP’s high ticket volume are users opening Tickets for what are essentially “home PC” or home wireless & internet connectivity issues. These issues could reasonably and alternatively be directed to the manufacturer of the home PC or the local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Note that support CSP provides in these situations could be billable. See below some tips for dealing with home wireless & internet connectivity issues.

Work-from-Home Performance Issues Due to Internet Speed Issues

The root cause of many work-from-home tickets is a problem with either the home internet service or congestion in the home wireless network.

It has been widely reported that many ISP’s (such as Spectrum, Comcast, Cox) were not fully prepared to handle the exceedingly high bandwidth demands created by a nation suddenly transitioned to “work-from-home.” We often see periodic internet service speed slowdowns and\or outright outages in specific locales.

If you are experiencing a performance-related problem, we ask you first to execute an internet bandwidth speed test. A widely used and proven service by Ookla is at If your speed results are significantly less than you subscribed to, or you are experiencing periodic outages or disconnects, please contact your ISP. If you ultimately open a Ticket with CSP, please provide the ping, download and upload speed information you derived from the speed test.

If you are experiencing periodic internet outages, sometimes a simple router or cable modem reboot (power it off, wait 30 seconds, power it back on) can resolve the problem.

In-Home Connectivity Issues

Most households with home Internet service use the Wi-Fi (wireless) service on their home router. When multiple wireless devices concurrently use the same Wi-Fi network, performance can be impacted.

Parents teleworking, kids participating in online learning, streaming video services, etc. can easily consume the in-home wireless internet bandwidth – creating performance problems for everyone. You might need to establish guidelines and schedules with other family members to ensure the load on your wireless network is not adversely affecting your productivity.

Be advised that an ethernet cable connection between your PC and router will provide the highest available speeds and alleviate Wi-Fi congestion issues. You might want to consider relocating your PC to the room where the internet modem resides so you can plug your PC directly into the router. If your laptop does not have an ethernet port, consider using a USB ethernet adaptor to connect.

Using a Cellular Device for Internet Connectivity

If you get a good 4G cellular signal in your home, another way to alleviate home Wi-Fi network congestion is to use your cellular service. Many cellular phones can be used as a mobile hotspot, through which you can wirelessly connect a laptop. Your cellular provider (such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) can assist you with this setup. However, before using this service, check your cellular data plan to make sure you will not exceed data caps and incur overage charges.

Several cellular providers (such as Verizon and Sprint) are essentially providing free Wi-Fi hotspots during the national coronavirus emergency. They are offering discounts or temporary upgrades at low or no cost during the crisis; and\or eliminating caps on data plans. If interested, please contact your cellular provider.

Warning Regarding “VPN Connectivity” Risks

As stated in CSP’s March 16 Update regarding Work-from-Home technology options, this is a reminder that connecting a home PC or “non-CSP Managed” PC to your corporate network via a VPN connection poses a significant security risk.

To summarize the rather long 3/16 Update, most consumer\home PCs do not meet enterprise security standards. Attaching them to a corporate network via VPN may open doors for hackers or malware exploits – including ransomware.

If you need to use an unmanaged consumer grade PC to access your corporate network, the preferred option is to attach via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Citrix.

If RDS or Citrix is not available, CSP recommends connecting to your network via LogMeIn.

If you need assistance in implementing a LogMeIn solution, please contact your Account Manager or the CSP Help Desk.

Reduced CSP Staff on Good Friday, April 10 and Monday, April 13

CSP has traditionally given our staff a day off around the Easter holiday. Furthermore, the CSP staff needs some personal time for rest and relaxation. Everyone at CSP has been “burning it at both ends” the last few weeks.

Therefore, we are rotating some time off Friday and Monday and will operate on a reduced staff both days. (More of the team will be off on Friday as compared to Monday.)

Notwithstanding this reduced staffing plan, we are balancing technical resources and confident CSP will be adequately staffed both Friday and Monday for your IT support needs.

Thank you for your patience – and stay safe. The CSP Team remains committed to supporting you throughout this crisis. We greatly appreciate our partnership with you.

If you need us, please contact our help desk at 919-424-2060 or

Best wishes for a Happy Easter!

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