CSP Honors Team Members For Upholding Core Values In 2020

We are proud to recognize our amazing staff members for following our core values throughout 2020.

The CSP team believes in strong, clear values to help maintain an ideal relationship with each and every one of our clients. By focusing on a set of ideals to dictate our business culture and how we interact with clients, we’ve developed an undeniably engaging and rewarding work environment.

To commend our staff’s efforts in upholding these values, we recognized key team members at our 2021 kick-off meeting. The honorees for each core value demonstrated a committed work ethic in line with these foundational tenets of our business culture.

CSP’s 2020 Core Value Winners

  • Make IT Right — Anthony Firth: “We solve the problem, exceeding expectations, while adhering to the highest moral standard.” This past year, Anthony Firth, Senior Client Engineer, exemplified this core value by consistently going above and beyond to help our clients.
  • Grow IT — Ian Griffin & Michael Koenig: “We push each other, our company, and our clients for continual improvement, innovation, and growth.” We are proud to recognize two of our team members for their commitment to this core value in 2020.Ian Griffin, Project Manager, demonstrated exceptional  personal growth by gaining two certifications in  as many quarters. We’re also recognizing Michael Koenig, Senior Client Success Manager, for the critical role he played in promoting our Sales Growth by doubling our monthly recurring revenue.
  • Personalize IT – Tommy Williams: “We cultivate personal relationships, and do not succumb to the anonymity technology can create.” Tommy Williams, Client Engineer, brings an undeniably personal touch to the IT experience. His upbeat personality makes him a valuable part of both the client-facing and internal CSP team settings.
  • Enjoy IT — Greg Moore: “We have fun, recognize success, and celebrate our accomplishments.” Despite the many challenges 2020 presented, Greg Moore, Client Engineer, clearly enjoyed his work, bringing an infectious, fun energy to our culture day in and day out.
  • Appreciate IT — The CSP Team: “We show gratitude in all situations. It reminds us of our place in the world and builds resiliency.” Lastly, we recognize the entire CSP team for maintaining a grateful outlook throughout the past year. It wasn’t always easy, but everyone played a part in our positive and engaging business culture.

We have always placed high regard on our foundational principles — these core values that guide us in business and life every day. We are so proud of what our team has accomplished, and look forward to seeing how they will grow in 2021.

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