CSP, Inc. celebrated National Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 17, 2017.  It’s a time when many employers across the country stop to show gratitude for the hard work their staff does all year long. CSP team members look forward to the Annual Employee Appreciation Event held at the Corporate headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

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CSP team members arrived at the office to find notes of appreciation posted throughout the building and on their workstations.  CSP provided an excellent breakfast of orange juice, coffee and various breakfast treats.  All accompanied by light-hearted notes; such as, “You are o’fish’ally the best” attached to Goldfish crackers.  A colorful bowl of mandarin oranges was tagged with “Orange we glad you are a part of the Team.” A box of donut holes had notes saying, “You donut know how much we appreciate you.”  Lunch featured sandwiches, a veggie tray, fruit, chips and desserts along with similarly witty notes.

Once lunch concluded, the “Solo Cup Olympics” begins.  Everyone enjoyed participating in a variety of solo cup challenges; including, a solo ball toss race, a solo cup stacking race and several other games using solo cups.  The winning teams received prizes with on messages of appreciation; such as, “You always come through in a crunch” with a Nestle Crunch bar, “Mentos tell you, thanks for all of your hard work” on a roll of Mentos, and “CSP is so much Butter with you” attached to a Butterfinger candy bar.

One of the favorite games is called “Pantyhose Bowling.”  This game is always exciting and fun.  Team members put a pantyhose on their heads with a golf ball inside one leg.  The objective is to swing the ball to knock over water bottles strategically placed on the floor.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon of food, fun and team building. CSP’s Business Manager, Margie Figueroa and our VP of Support Services, Scott Forbes coordinated and conducted the wonderful event this year.  Margie expressed, “On behalf of the entire management team at CSP, Inc., thank you all for your commitment, skills and dedication.  We have excellent team members who are enthusiastic about their work and who make many sacrifices throughout the year to be available 24/7 for our clients.  They are the reason CSP, Inc. is a successful, thriving company of 22 years!”

As much as we appreciate our staff, we equally appreciate our clients! To learn more about CSP’s IT services and solutions, please call (919) 424-2000 or email us at info@cspinc.com.

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