Another ransomware outbreak is spreading across the world today (primarily in Europe, but starting to hit the United States).  Details are limited, but CSP is closely monitoring the situation.  Please read this important note for additional details:

The Threat:

This current strand appears to have similar traits to the WannaCry outbreak in May.  Specifically, it is using the NSA’s exploit, EternalBlue, to spread via unpatched machines.  (Details are still fuzzy, but this much is known.)

CSP’s Response:

We are reaching out to our vendor partners to stay abreast of additional developments.  Furthermore, we are currently embarking on another patch audit to make sure everyone is up to date.   We do not see the need for emergency server patching at this time, but we will continue to evaluate.

IMPORTANT  —  What Can You Do?  (Specific To This Attack):

CSP is extremely proactive with server patching.  Workstation patching, on the other hand, requires assistance from your end users.  Our systems automatically scan all machines at 1AM every night.  We apply patches to anyone not current.  However, the PC must be turned on to be detected.  As such, we remind you to ask all users to leave their PCs on overnight.  If a workstation, simply log off.  If a laptop, make sure the device is connected to the internet (even at home…doesn’t need to be on your corporate network), change the power settings to prevent it from going to sleep, and log off.

What Can You Do?  (General):

The threats are always changing.  Thus, CSP recommends a layered approach to security.  We are in the process of rolling out three new solutions to address growing vulnerabilities.  We will be rolling these out over the coming weeks.  Please reach out to your Client Account Manager with any specific questions.

Thanks and stay tuned for more updates,

Your CSP Team

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