CSP Helping Raleigh Businesses Through COVID-19

Please see below for additional updates as CSP deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s updates include:

  • CSP’s Work-from-Home Policy
  • Updated Client On-Site Visit Guidelines

Coronavirus Update Raleigh NC

CSP Switches to Work-from-Home

  • All CSP staff currently has the option to work-from-home or work from our headquarters office on Nowell Road in Raleigh.
  • Beginning Monday, the front door to CSP’s office will be locked.  The rear entrance will be open if the rear “depot area” is staffed.  Otherwise, a notice will be posted on the door with a number for the visitor to call.
  • CSP’s systems for monitoring and managing your IT operations are designed so our entire staff can operate “virtually.”  The CSP phone system also connects the entire CSP team working from home.  Therefore, there should not be any change in our service readiness or performance.
  • CSP plans to continue to address the on-site service needs of our clients.  Engineers working from home will drive directly to client sites as necessary.

Updated Client On-Site Visit Guidelines

  • For the time being, CSP prefers to limit on-site visits to only those that are essential.  Well over 90% of client service requests can be successfully handled via remote access.  However, we understand the preference of some CSP clients for regular on-site visits to address IT service needs.  With the safety of your staff and CSP’s the paramount consideration, we prefer to restrict the on-site visits for ONLY service needs that MUST be performed on-site.  Conversely, any tasks that CAN be satisfactorily addressed remotely will be addressed via “remote access.”   We appreciate your cooperation as we work to limit the number and duration of on-site visits.
  • We have asked CSP staff not to proceed to a client site if they are symptomatic.
  • Upon arrival at a client site, we have insisted our staff maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet with EVERYONE in the client office.
  • If an engineer needs to visit a user’s PC, printer, etc., we have instructed our engineer to request the user move at least six feet away.  We also require the user to “wipe down” his or her keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. BEFORE, our engineer touches it.
  • If our engineer believes he has encountered a client contact who is symptomatic, he has been advised to leave the premises immediately.

We trust you will understand and agree with these guidelines.  However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your CSP account manager.

Thank you for your patience – and stay safe.  The CSP Team is committed to supporting you throughout this crisis.  If you need us, please contact our help desk at 919-424-2060 orservice@cspinc.com.


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