Q: When do workstations and laptops get patched?
A: Critical security patches for desktops and laptops are “pushed out” at 1 am the morning after they are released by Microsoft. (For example, if patches are released on a Thursday, the systems will update at 1 am the following morning (1 am on Friday)). This process occurs periodically throughout the month.  Note that reboots of workstations and laptops are only initiated if Microsoft designates a reboot is required.

A special note for clients running AV Defender virus protection:  CSP starts a precautionary “partial disk scan” of all PC’s every Monday night (Tuesday at 1 am).  A “full disk scan” is initiated every Wednesday night (Thursday at 1 am).  These scans run “in the background” and should not affect the operation of the PC.  It is not mandatory for PC’s to be connected to the network every time a disk scan is initiated.  But, CSP recommends users leave their PC’s on and connected to the network at least weekly – either Monday or Wednesday night.

Q: What if a desktop or laptop is never turned on at 1 am?
A: A desktop or laptop that is never powered on at 1 am will not be patched.  However, a desktop or laptop does not necessarily need to be available at 1 am on a precise night a patch is released. CSP’s monitoring system scans desktops and laptops every night at 1 am. If a PC requires a patch, it is then “pushed out” to the device.  Therefore, CSP recommends all users leave their PC’s on overnight at least once per week.

Q: How do I ensure Workstations and Laptops receive patches overnight?
A: Please ask all users to perform the following at least one day per week. They may choose the day(s) most convenient.

  1. At the end of the day, please (a) close all applications, (b) “log off” the network, and (c) leave your desktop or laptop powered-on. For remote [laptop] users, please keep your PC connected to the internet (wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable) and keep your laptop charger connected to AC power.
  2. Please ensure any PC power saver, sleep, or hibernate settings are disabled so the PC will not “shut down” during the evening. (This is especially important for Laptop PCs.) To disable these settings, please go to Start\Control Panel\Power Manager. If you need assistance with this, please contact the CSP Help Desk at 919-424-2060.

Q: When patch installs complete, does CSP always initiate a reboot on the PC at that point?
A: A reboot will only be initiated if a patch requires it.  If a reboot is necessary, a “pop-up window” will appear on the PC prompting the user to manually initiate a reboot of the PC – when convenient. If you are not working on the PC during the night when this occurs, the “pop-up window” will greet you the next morning prompting you to reboot the PC.

Q: What if I am prompted with a message “Windows Updates are Available?”
A: This message should typically not appear. But if it does, please ensure that PC is left on the next evening to receive the patch(es).  If this message continues to appear, please contact CSP at service@cspinc.com and report the name of the user experiencing this issue.

Q: Are patches for any non-Microsoft software applied to my PC?
A: CSP also applies critical security updates for commonly used “third party” software programs such as Adobe and Java.  For a complete list of the programs that might receive a patch, please contact CSP.

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