Free Video Conferencing: Why 8×8 Video Meetings Should Be an Integral Part of Your Remote Work Policy

As the Coronavirus Pandemic Continues to Leave Businesses Unable to Work in the Office, Virtual Face-to-Face Interaction is More Important Than Ever Before to Stay Connected.

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting virtually all businesses around the world – forcing them to close their doors or embrace remote work to continue operations. Although we all understand the importance of social distancing to flatten the curve of infections and keep our loved ones safe, it’s important to ensure you’re still getting virtual face-to-face interaction – allowing you and your team to stay connected, positive, and productive despite the current situation. 8×8, our unified communications partner of choice, is offering free video conferencing to help you do exactly that.

Free Video Conferencing North Carolina

Why Video Meetings Need to Be Included as Part of Your Remote Work Policy…

Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, we were a huge proponent of video meetings as a way for remote workers to stay connected with the rest of the team. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why video meetings need to be included as part of your remote work policy:

It’s more engaging than a phone call or an email

In the simplest terms, video meetings are more engaging than the alternatives – phone calls or emails. Participants can be seen and heard – meaning they’re less likely to multi-task or zone out during the meeting. This also leads to closer, more connected relationships between team members, customers, and partners.

It’s more expansive in terms of capabilities

Video meetings can be recorded as needed to ensure employees are able to review the information at a later point. In addition, screen sharing capabilities allow for greater collaboration as employees can show what they’re working on, talk about a challenge they’re facing during a project, and more.

It’s more social than other alternatives

During times of social distancing, many of us are missing the ability to connect with other people. Video meetings allow your employees to maintain some degree of socialization – an important aspect of maintaining a positive outlook, and in turn, keeping morale up throughout the organization.

8×8 is Offering FREE Video Conferencing for Greater Team Collaboration During This Difficult Time…

If you’re forced to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to make the best of it for the sake of your team. 8×8 is helping businesses do this with FREE video conferencing for greater team collaboration. There are NO contracts or obligations. You can take advantage of the following at no cost:

  • No meeting time limits
  • Free dial-in with tool-free numbers
  • Unlimited meetings

As social distancing becomes more common, video conferencing is key to greater team collaboration. We’re all being pushed to embrace remote work – and for some, this change is happening quicker than they would’ve otherwise considered it. But there are many benefits to remote work. 8×8 is helping businesses realize those benefits as they leverage the following free features of their video conferencing solution:

  • Custom team domain link
  • Personal meeting link
  • Calendar sync & integrations
  • Meeting history
  • One meeting room
  • Screen sharing
  • And much more

Get Started with FREE Video Conferencing from 8×8. CSP, Inc. Can Help. Call (919) 424-2000 to Speak with One of Our Remote Work Experts Right Away.

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