Google Smart RelayDo you have more emails coming in than you know what to do with, or simply don’t have time to answer the ones you do get? Google has come up with a solution for you! Last week Google released Smart Reply for Gmail on iOS and Android Devices. The software is designed to read your emails and generate an appropriate response based on your history, calendar, and other information stored on your Google account.

Like all new software, there is going to be a few glitches and hiccups, and Google’s Smart Reply is no different. The idea is for you to correct those mistakes and for the program to learn the way that you want things done. Thereby allowing the program to tailor to and match your needs.

As convenient as Smart Reply may be, a software that goes through your emails may raise concern in breaches of security. Google has taken every precaution in the matter by encoding incoming emails that  are sent to avoid peering eyes having a look at your personal information. Even with this, there still poses the potential for security risks, but you do not have to face those risks alone. Raleigh IT Support Company and IT Services Provider | CSP Inc. is here to help.

The fact is that Google is in the data-collection business, which means that they sell your behavior patterns like Internet history, search history, and all non-privatized information you have given them to marketing companies. Thereby assisting them in helping to target you as their consumer.

Does a software that reads and answers your emails seem like a secure means of communication? It all depends on what your personal privacy settings are set to. Are you confident that your privacy is, in fact private?

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