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4th of July in RaleighAs we move into this new season, the “dog days of summer” are anything but slow at CSP.  To the contrary, the growing threat of cyber crimes is pushing us to stay agile as ever.  To properly protect your business, we believe in multiple layers of protection to address different vulnerabilities.  As such, we are always looking to enhance our “toolbox” of security offerings.  I am proud to announce that we currently have three new security solutions.

As part of the roll-out, we are embarking on a “Summer Security Webinar Series.”  These webinars will highlight the following three solutions:

  • PII Protect —  IT Security Training for your Employees.  Depending on the study, anywhere between 80-95% of all security breaches are based upon end-user ignorance.  “Social Engineering” is a critical stepping stone for any hacker.  To protect your business, CSP is proud to roll out a solution that provides web-based training for your employees.  Learn more about this offering in our July Webinar.
  • Cisco Umbrella. Formerly OpenDNS, Cisco has re-branded this cutting-edge solution that leverages analytics pulled from Cisco devices around the world.  IT deployments have changed greatly over the past few years:  from centralized under one roof to distributed.  While anti-virus solutions look at signatures (compare strings of data to previously detected malicious threads), OpenDNS looks at origination.  Whether devices are roaming or on your network, Cisco Umbrella is here to provide an additional layer of defense.
  • Auth Anvil 2-Factor Authentication. Another common attack vector these days is a brute force password attack.  Simply, a hacker finds a vulnerability and leverages an algorithm to leverage every password combination possible until he or she gains entry.  Sadly, we have seen this happen in our backyard with multiple SMB hacks over the past year.  2-Factor Authentication is the best way to hinder such an attack.  This “two way handshake” requires both a password and a secret pin that is generated by a service and available only to the user.

We are excited to be rolling these solutions out.  We are confident many of you will find them to be helpful as you continue to embark on your risk mitigation strategy around IT security.

Thanks so much and have a great holiday weekend!

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