Microsoft has issued a HUGE WARNING for Windows users – have you taken notice?


Cyber security experts began talking last week about a dangerous new vulnerability in many internet browsers. FREAK works by giving hackers and cybercriminals access to your supposedly private web traffic and network communications. This presents businesses and even private users with a number of potential security concerns.

  • A criminal could exploit the vulnerability to access and even tamper with communications between two parties.
  • Sensitive data could be easily obtained and leaked.
  • You may find yourself facing a ransomware attack, where files are encrypted and hackers demand money in exchange for regaining access.
  • Attackers could remotely control a machine by tricking users into either opening a web page with Explorer or a document in Office.

As part of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft announced a fix for the issue and hopes that businesses are taking notice and paying attention to their systems. The vulnerabilities in both Explorer and Office were listed as critical in the update, meaning they were of the utmost importance.

Other vulnerabilities include one found in Exchange’s Outlook Web Access, which allows users to check email with a browser. Users could be tricked into clicking on a malicious link in an email which appears to lead to an Outlook site, but really gives hackers access to their machine. Likewise, vulnerability in Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol could be used to destroy a server with a DoS (denial of service) attack.

You can take a look at whether or not your internet browser is vulnerable to FREAK here or, better yet, give your system a full security analysis here.

For more information on FREAK and other important security patches and updates, contact Raleigh IT Support Company and IT Services Provider | CSP Inc. at or by phone at (919) 424-2000 .

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