Office 365 can help your sales team manage data: Here are just some of the advantages it offers.

Sales Managers

Sales managers have a lot of different apps and tools to choose from – probably too many. With all the different software out there promising better metrics or improved conversion or new clients, it can be tough to choose the right program for your sales team.

However, we’re going to suggest going with a platform that holds advantages for your entire business: Office 365. Microsoft has been working hard to integrate Office 365 with other apps and data that companies use, ultimately making it more efficient and viable managers…including sales leaders looking for tools to make data management easier. Here’s how you can use Office 365 for your sales goals!

Use the Business Version of OneDrive to Organize Data

If you haven’t made much use of OneDrive for Business when using Office 365, you may not know the benefits it provides, especially when considering cloud capabilities. OneDrive in any form allows you to access important personal documents from any device equipped with OneDrive, but the business-centric version goes far beyond this. It still allows you to sign in on any device, and it provides full syncing so no matter where you are working, your files will stay updating with all your latest changes. It also enables you to share larger folders more easily, and gives you the option to use SharePoint to coordinate team work if you prefer the SharePoint interface and solutions.

Tap Into New Outlook Abilities

If you are a Windows company, chances are good that you are already using Outlook to manage client and prospect communication. However, the cloud features of Office 365 add even more functionality to the email client. For example, does your business need to send large files to prospects filled with lots of data? That can be tough on a lot of email platforms, so make it a little easier by sharing the file as a OneDrive cloud attachment. Not only does this save on client email space, but it allows you to keep editing the files in the cloud if you need to make any last minute changes.

Try Out Microsoft Customer Manager

Speaking of functionality, Microsoft has deployed a new Outlook tool called Customer Manager. Activate this tool, and it allows you to track any contact in Outlook and view their complete customer profile. That includes the total number of deals and revenue the client has created, all their contact information and location, the history of communication, any important tasks associated with the client, and much more. It also uses Bing to update any company information that may have changed over time, and uses Cortana to automatically set tasks and appointments based on the emails that prospects send you. It’s one of the best automation tools for sales teams that we’ve come across, and it’s definitely worth investigation.

Use Dynamics 365 for Customer Data

Do you want to dig a little deeper into customer data, share it with more people, and create customized analytics for your particular goals? Dynamics 365 was designed specifically for deeper customer data analysis and creating reports, calendars, and goals with the data that you have. Use this tool to arrange customer data based on the attributes that you find most valuable, and find out what needs to be tweaked in your sales process.

Arrange Web Conferencing in New Ways

Office 365 also comes with plenty of tools to hold web conferences and talk to clients remotely, no matter how they prefer to communicate. We highly suggest taking advantage of Skype for Business, since Skype is a familiar tool for many and it allows for quick video chats whenever they are required. You can also easily share a PowerPoint or use tools like whiteboards, polls, and messaging during a conference to help make your point more effectively. Just want to have a phone call? No problem – your client doesn’t even need Skype to get started.

Organize and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new chat tool that connects with other OneDrive data and allows you to discuss specific clients or companies with your sales teams while also coordinating documents and tasks as you need to. Teams can be enabled on any business-focused Outlook 365 account, so give it a try if you’ve been looking for a messaging service that’s business-focused.

Adopt Apps to Make Everything Easier

This is just the start: From SkyKick to Xero, there are many apps designed to work with Office 365 and solve specific business problems that you may want to overcome. If you are having trouble reaching Raleigh clients or just want better ways to view and use your customer data, then give Office 365 a try! For more information and help creating the right data strategy, contact Raleigh IT Support Company and IT Services Provider | CSP Inc. at (919) 424-2000 or email us at

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