Invest In New Cisco Hardware, Pay For It Up To Six Months Later

Cisco is offering a 6-Month Payment Deferral Financing Option — buy the routing, switching and wireless equipment you need now with the flexibility to pay for it when it fits your budget.

Over the past year, hybrid workspaces have become the norm for millions of organizations around the world. You can’t rely on a limited office IT environment any longer — you and your staff need the ability to work both in and out of the office, and technology plays a big role in that capability.

As you expand and optimize your hybrid workplace, you may find you need to invest in more hardware — switches, routers, and other infrastructure. In any given year, this would be an expensive proposal, but the economic uncertainty of 2020 makes it even more challenging to budget for new technology.

CSP and Cisco can help — our clients can take advantage of a new 6-month payment deferral option for new hardware.

How Does Cisco’s 6-Month Payment Deferral Financing Option Work?

If you need to invest in new routing, switching and wireless equipment, you can do so now and pay for it up to six months later. This plan is interest free, and can be combined with other Cisco financing plans, giving you a range of ways to pay for hardware without putting too much pressure on your budget.

Invest In The Hardware Your Business Needs Now

It’s never been more important for your business to have the technology it needs to succeed. Don’t let the financial challenges of 2020 hold you back — invest in Cisco hardware now, and start paying for it up to six months later.

Get in touch with the CSP team to discover how this financing plan works in detail.

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