Traditional backups in corporate environments consist of tape, disk, and NAS devices – just to name a few. These methods do work, however, they are slowly fading away with maintenance and recovery time as key factors. For professional grade backup we recommend a Business Continuity plan. Formulating a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR), we would advise a professional or a consultation with an expert to evaluate your organization’s network infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Plan

When a disaster strikes businesses scramble to recover their resources.

  • According to IDC, it takes an average of seven hours to resume normal operations after a data loss incident.
  • Hartford’s 2014 Business Continuity findings indicate 59% of businesses have a formal, documented business continuity plan.
    • 33% have an informal plan that’s verbal and undocumented.
    • 8% have no plan at all.

Testing your backup is extremely time consuming – a business continuity plan will help you develop a surefire way to get your organization back up in running.

Disasters do happen. What actually causes downtime? Yes, hurricanes and tornadoes do their fair share of damage, but that only accounts for a small portion of downtime. Network outages account for 50 percent of downtime, and human error accounts for 45 percent. Lastly, the No.1 cause of lost data: hardware failure.

Whatever the cause, however, you want to be prepared in-case of an incident to mitigate these scenarios as much as possible.

What do our friends at Datto recommend?

  • Hybrid cloud backup
  • Image-based backup
  • Instant local and off-site virtualization
  • Screenshot backup verification

If you value the protection of your client’s and business’ data, keep it secure. Don’t be left scrambling to recover your data after disaster strikes. Contact Raleigh IT Support Company and IT Services Provider | CSP Inc. at, or give us a call: (919) 424-2000

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