James Walsh Becomes The Newest Member Of CSP, Inc. Team Of Tech Professionals

CSP, Inc. is proud to announce the latest addition to our staff of IT professionals: James Walsh.

James has joined us as an RRT Client Engineer. The entire CSP team is looking forward to working long-term with James and getting to know him better.

We here at CSP are proud of our ability to recruit some of the most talented individuals in our community. James is just the latest addition to that ongoing effort.

Prior to joining CSP, James worked as a Hypercare Support Team Lead. He was known as the “go-to guy” at his other workplaces and is well-suited to the fast-paced world of IT support.

While James first focused on Web Development as a career, it wasn’t long until he discovered his passion for customer service. James has developed extensive experience by closely working with front-line engineers, project managers, and end-users alike. He has also been responsible for training new engineers in the past, optimizing onboarding procedures and continuity of service for clients.

Once again we’d like to welcome James to the team and wish him the best as he gets to know our clients. We truly believe James is a fantastic addition to our team, as he brings a wide range of skill sets and a passion for his work.

We have enjoyed working with him so far, and look forward to seeing how he will grow into his position.

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