You may assume your business can manage its IT needs in-house, whether through a dedicated IT support staff or the DIY approach. But with the lightning speed at which today’s technology moves and the increasing complexity of the cyber-security laws governing businesses, effectively managing your IT services in-house can become expensive.

Managed IT services companies in Cary can benefit businesses both large and small. Read on for five of the benefits any business can realize by partnering with an IT support company in Cary.

Use Staff Time Efficiently

You started your business and hired staff for a reason—and unless you run a tech support company, this reason probably doesn’t involve spending hours each day on IT-related tasks. It’s simply not an efficient use of money or resources for employees to sit idly by while their computer is running hours of automatic updates or to fruitlessly search for one piece of data in an enormous spreadsheet.

By outsourcing your technology needs to an IT support company in Cary, you free up your time (and staff members’ time) to be spent in ways that make the most sense for your business.

Scale Up and Down as Needed

Maintaining IT support staff can be pricey—you’re responsible for payroll taxes, hourly wages, and the time spent interviewing and training new employees. And while keeping an IT staff member on-call at all times can be cost-prohibitive, if you’re like many businesses, you may find that you need IT help at the most inconvenient times.

Using a managed IT service allows you to select the level of support you need, expanding or reducing these services due to changes in work patterns, web visitor volume, or fiscal year timing. Being able to scale your support up and down as needed can give your business the flexibility to cut the budget and stay afloat during tough economic times without laying off valued members of your staff.

Depend on Reliable and Available Support

Managed IT services provide 24/7/365 support, something that’s all but impossible to replicate with an in-house staff. Whether you need to troubleshoot a new payment system on Saturday night or implement the next year’s federal privacy regulations before January 1, IT services companies in Cary can help you meet deadlines and handle last-minute emergencies at a competitive cost.

You also won’t need to worry about employee turnover at inopportune times—while the managed IT provider you use may bring new employees on board from time to time, you won’t notice any interruption in the service you receive.

Enjoy Greater Liability Protection

Most Cary, NC managed IT services providers require you to sign an agreement that gives the service provider the authority—and obligation—to comply with all applicable federal and state data privacy laws. By entering into one of these agreements, you shift the compliance burden to an IT support company in Cary, protecting your business from liability in the process.

Often, utilizing a managed IT service to handle your data protection needs reduces your insurance premiums and the time and effort you would need to spend to brush up on data privacy laws each year and make the needed tweaks to your business’s online presence.

Reduce Your Risk of Data Breaches

It seems that not a week goes by without a news report of a retail company, bank, social media site, or even the federal government suffering a data breach that impacts millions of users. But while data breaches quickly fade out of the news cycle, their financial impact on the underlying businesses pack far more staying power.

Depending on the sensitivity of the information leaked, you may be assessed an amount ranging from a small civil fine to the cost of a three-bureau credit monitoring service for each affected customer. You could also be liable for legal fees, court costs, and other litigation-related expenses. And along with the civil liability potential, a data breach can harm the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Managed IT services reduce the risk of data breaches by providing comprehensive support on both the front and back ends. On the front end, your IT services can run penetration tests on your website to find and fix potential vulnerabilities. On the back end, your Cary, NC IT service provider can act quickly to cure breaches once they’re detected, minimizing the impact on your customers and your business.

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