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Last week I was having coffee with a colleague when he mentioned his recent challenge. His email inbox was absolutely full, and it was causing messages to be blocked. He had so much server space allocated to his email inbox that not only did he stop receiving messages for a short time, but his Outlook was running very slowly, and he suspected his inbox size might be impacting his office’s overall Microsoft Exchange Server performance.

He was hoping to get some advice, and I was surprised he didn’t call me sooner.

See, not only are we colleagues, but he’s also a client!

After listening to him explain the issues he was having, I asked questions to try to diagnose his situation to see how we could solve this quickly for him and get his business back up to speed.

He seemed puzzled why I was asking certain questions, and joked that I’d gone into “professional” mode – until I reminded him that this is exactly the type of reason companies like his partner with companies like CSP!

He found CSP a few years ago when his business in Raleigh was quickly outgrowing their technology and they needed help – and fast. Their database was growing, they needed to establish a network – and secure said network – plus a collaborative platform for the team to access and share files, communication, and information.

He’d never heard of managed IT services providers, and wanted to know how the arrangement worked – and was skeptical about how it saved professionals in his situation money.

The team at CSP hears this all the time, and we particularly love explaining how the relationship works and how the arrangement is more cost-effective than hiring and staffing an internal IT department.

At that time, we had explained to my colleague that we enter into a professional partnership. For a low, set monthly fee, his company retains the services of CSP for oversight of his business in all things IT. At the time, he was really just interested in establishing a network, but soon realized he needed much more help and the costs seemed like they were going to skyrocket.

CSP explained that, in the full-scale managed services model, he would be outsourcing his IT department to us for total services management. For the set monthly fee – like a retainer paid to a corporate attorney or accountant – CSP is “on call” 24/7 for all his business needs:

  • Remote network monitoring and security
    • CSP installs network management and monitoring agents on servers, workstations, and network devices and securely links those agents to CSP’s Network Operations Center (NOC).
  • Help Desk support
    • At CSP, we aren’t a “set it and forget it” kind of operation; we make sure your users are supported no matter what happens. We can even remotely access workstations to immediately respond to an end-user issue – and without additional costs adding up. This last part is one of the ways we’re able to offset your costs and save you money, since you’re not dedicating expensive full-time resources for situations you cannot predict.
  • Strategic IT Planning
    • Our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) service offers experienced, senior-level executive expertise for planning and oversight of IT projects that optimally support your business goals and objectives, with quarterly updates to stay on track.
  • Migration to the Cloud
    • Embrace the cloud for predictability, in terms of security and costs. Rather than large up-front periodic investments in hardware and infrastructure, the cloud allows for streamlined holistic budgeting with cost-competitive consistency.
  • Productivity and Collaboration apps
    • With so many cloud-based options, CSP can help you choose which solutions are right for your business, like Microsoft Office 365.
    • Cloud-based collaboration means files and records are stored, accessed, and shared from anywhere with secured access.

CSP provided a strategic plan for his business that met their needs without encouraging overspending on unnecessary technology. We provided a detailed outline and established expectations, milestones and benchmarks, and deadlines to make sure that transparency was guaranteed and integrity was maintained.

With our strategic planning, he felt confident his “tomorrow” would be more successful because of our partnership.

“Tomorrow will be here before you know it!” But that’s our job, at CSP, to make sure every business in Raleigh – and beyond – are prepared for tomorrow, today.

Be ready for tomorrow

Managed IT services are a flexible alternative to staffing an internal IT department, given the ease of scalability, and with quicker readiness compared to onboarding new staff. Plus, the monthly cost of managed services can include software licensing, hardware and infrastructure, maintenance, data back-ups and disaster recovery, security, training, and more. Security updates and patches from Microsoft and third-party apps are handled by a team of experts, behind the scenes, and are imperceptible by end users. CSP also monitors email, software applications, anti-virus systems, and data backups regularly to ensure security.

While it’s our job to have your back, we also make sure your team understands security and safeguards email and Internet activity and password protocols to protect your business and your data from becoming a target. We wish we could take on the burden for you entirely, but we do everything we can to prepare your team and make sure your data and network are secure from the end-user perspective, and avoid mistakes made by simple operator error.

CSP can always be counted on to go above and beyond what a customer can expect from a partner, because that’s just fundamentally who we are. No matter if we’re talking to a prospective customer over the phone for the first time, having coffee with a colleague who’s already a customer but doesn’t realize they need help, or an existing customer in need of assistance, we are equally thorough and willing to listen to help. Sometimes a full email inbox isn’t just a “good problem” to have, but one CSP can solve so we can eliminate the “problem” and you can focus on the “good”!

Let CSP make a comprehensive analysis of your IT operations so your budget can be spent as wisely as possible, and we promise you won’t regret it. Contact CSP today to see how we can help make this year your best year yet!

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