The race is on amongst business owners to get the best managed IT services available at the best price possible. But, is there a standardized measuring stick by which you can determine if your managed services provider (MSP) is red hot, lukewarm, or a cold fish? In lieu of a universal yardstick, there are ways to ascertain if you are getting the most out of your MSP you can. We’ve listed some of those key indicators below.

  1. You as the client are fully engaged and part of the IT optimization process. Your managed services provider will proactively seek the collaboration of your in-house IT department staff and/or concerned executives for input on the direction your computer network management should take.
  2. Your IT budget is more manageable, scalable, and economical. This is due to your MSP offering a flat, monthly, fixed-fee type of billing option, which means your costs are more manageable and the services themselves (such as cloud services, virtualization, cybersecurity, vCIO services, etc.) able to cover more of your IT network, end to end.
  3. Your managed services team is full of innovative ideas and problem-mitigating solutions. It’s not enough to simply set some parameters and walk away, saying, “Call us if there’s a problem.” A true-to-form managed IT services outfit will constantly monitor and strategize more preventative, long-range methods of keeping your IT machine running in top form, through ongoing awareness of your IT performance.
  4. They offer proactive, remote monitoring for more real-time IT performance fine-tuning. Your IT specialists should augment your on-site maintenance with remote monitoring and proactive processing, analysis, and tweaking of your IT performance, which will result in maximum productivity and a minimum of service interruption, downtime, or threat to your network functions.

CSP meets all the above criteria and then some, and with our managed IT service plans, assures greater business network safety, security, productivity, and quality of services overall. Through our SafetyNet+ program, 24/7 support platform, and predictable monthly billing, we make IT management easy so you can relax and get on with your daily business operations free of worry.

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