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The pit crew is the unsung heroes of NASCAR. Sure, the drivers get all the fame and the glory, but without the pit crew, the driver is behind the car pushing it down the track instead of behind the wheel chasing the checkered flag.

What does the pit crew do?

They take care of the race day maintenance so that the driver can focus on track conditions and race strategy.

So, here’s the question.

When it comes to supporting your business technology systems, how good is your pit crew?

  • Are they there when you need them?
  • Do they provide continuous maintenance?
  • Do they monitor vital systems?
  • Can they provide the real-time tech answers and troubleshooting your staff needs?
  • Do they keep your systems running with near-zero downtime?

Think about it this way.

If you’re a NASCAR driver, you expect your pit crew to be there for you whenever you need to pull in and get your tires changed, tank filled, or car repaired. You depend on them to keep your car running at peak efficiency.


Because without a fast response from a professional maintenance team, a NASCAR driver isn’t going to make it into the winner’s circle.

How Are Managed IT Services companies in Raleigh And A NASCAR Pit Crew Alike?

  • Focus – The focus of a pit crew is to support the driver by maintaining his car and managing the hundreds of little details that he shouldn’t have to worry about while driving. Managed IT services does the same for a business. A company like CSP focuses on keeping your IT systems running flawlessly so you and your staff can be there for the victory lap.
  • Team – The pit crew and the driver are on the same team. They don’t have competing interests. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that results in a win. Managed IT services puts outsourced IT professionals on your team and enables you to have an IT team that cares about your company’s success. The big difference between a company here in Raleigh that offers computer break/fix service and one that provides the continuous IT care of managed IT services is, the break/fix company makes money when you break down; the managed services provider is profitable when they keep your systems running at full throttle.
  • Multiple Disciplines – The NASCAR pit crew isn’t a bunch of good old boys that tinker with fast cars in their backyards. They are professionals that have varied and specific skillsets the team needs to help ensure a win. A managed services team is no different. Each staff member that CSP hires is a professional, and each technician has specialized training that allows them to play a role in maintaining the IT systems of our clients.
  • Shared Wins – When the NASCAR driver takes the checkered flag, he doesn’t forget his pit crew. They share in his wins and help him learn from losses to get prepared for the next race. Because a managed IT services plan puts the outsourced IT support team on your side, they share in your wins and can grow along with your company. Your success is their success. Your wins are their wins as well because they’ve played a supporting role.
  • High Availability – Think about it, what would you do as a NASCAR driver if you pulled into your pit only to find that your crew was gone fishing? As a race driver, you couldn’t have a crew that acted so irresponsibly. So here’s the big question. Why do you allow it in your IT support crew? You’ve had it happen again and again. Something goes wrong with your computer system, and you call your computer-fix-it guy only to hear his voicemail. You leave a message, and you wait…and wait…and wait. Eventually, you give up on that guy and call another guy. He has to learn your systems from the ground up, and it takes twice as long to fix the issue. After a few months, it’s hard to get him to show up either… It’s frustrating, right? Managed IT services is a subscription IT services model that guarantees response times and IT system uptime, so you’re never left without IT support.

What Options Can You Expect From A Professional IT Firm Offering Managed Services In Raleigh?

Every IT support company does things just a little bit differently, but if you’re looking for a company that is doing managed services in the Raleigh area, you should be looking for some basics that set the professionals apart from the fly-by-night crews.

  • Subscription payment IT support plans that save your company money, hassles, and headaches in the long run.
  • Partnership capacity to support your company now and scale with you as you grow. This requires sufficient financial backing, professional skill sets, ongoing education, and a staff large enough to meet your current IT support requirements.
  • Hardware support services that provide you with the information you need to make decisions on hardware life cycle, budgeting, and capital investment.
  • Cybersecurity expertise is essential because it delivers an executive-level understanding of and protection against the tactics employed by criminals using hacks, adware, malware, spyware, and ransomware.
  • IT Compliance support is vital for companies that must meet the demands of industry compliance standards or protocols required by legislation.
  • Cloud expertise that goes beyond the implementation of basic cloud applications. Cloud consultants should be able to show you how the cloud will help your business get more done in a workday and be more secure while doing so.
  • Industry experience is an essential credential to look for when it comes to your next IT support partner. A Raleigh managed services company that knows how your industry’s internal workflow operates will be more effective in tailoring your IT systems to make your internal processes run more smoothly.

So what’s it going to be? The backyard mechanic or a professional pit crew that’s focused on helping your business run at full throttle and win races? The CSP team is waiting for your call. Let’s get rolling!

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