The Meeting Owl Pro – Smart Video Conferencing Technology

The smartest Video Conferencing technology is now available. The Meeting Owl Pro is an easy-to-use device that supersedes Owl Labs’ first product, Meeting Owl. The Meeting Owl Pro has a 360-degree camera, 360-degree microphones, and 360-degree speakers. If you need to collaborate as a team but you are not all together, the Meeting Owl Pro is the perfect solution for a hybrid workforce.

The Meeting Owl Pro has an easy plug-and-play set up and connects to any conferencing software, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and more. It comes with a power adapter, a 6.5 FT Micro USB cable, and it can connect to Wi-Fi.

Ideal for Medium to Large Conference Rooms

The new Meeting Owl Pro has a 360-degree camera in 1080p, which is 2X sharper than the original Meeting Owl. The video camera offers a panoramic view of the location and uses clever robotics firmware to highlight different participants as they talk. It also uses Owl Intelligence System with autofocus and Smart Zooming functionality.

There are 8 smart microphones that capture 360-degree wideband audio and can pick up sound within an 18 FT radius. Whereas the original Meeting Owl can only pick up sound within a 12 FT radius, which makes it ideal for smaller rooms. The smart microphones equalize speaking volumes no matter where people are located in the room. The Meeting Owl Pro also has the ability to connect to 2 Owls.

Meeting Owl Pro has 3 speakers to produce that 360-degree sound so everyone in the room can hear remote workers as if they were right in the room with them. This newer model provides room sound 2X louder than the original Meeting Owl, which only has 1 speaker.

Meeting Owl Extras

If you want the most optimal room setup and locking capabilities, Meeting Owl Pro has a Premium Pack which includes a lock adapter, a 16 FT USB extension cable, and the Owl Care. Owl Care is an advanced support and warranty program with a “No-questions-asked” replacement policy.

Additionally, you can purchase the Meeting HQ which is an in-room, small control center that integrates with your calendar to launch meetings with a single tap. With the Meeting HQ, you won’t need a computer. It allows your meeting rooms to always be online with fewer cords and devices to manage.

Everyone can feel like they are present at the meeting, even if they are not, with the Meeting Owl Pro.

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