Love it or hate it, the first web browser you ever used was probably Internet Explorer. Everyone recognizes that little blue “e” symbol as the default way to get online, and even though Internet Explorer (IE) has been almost universally despised by users over the past few years, it’s a recognizable part of our culture.

It just goes to show the power that Microsoft has when it comes to controlling how we think about IT. So when Microsoft announces that it’s retiring two well-known brands, you can take it as a major sign of changes coming in the IT world – changes that businesses MUST pay attention to in order to stay competitive.

Microsoft announced the retirement of IE back in March, and they’ve also been repeatedly warning businesses about the upcoming end-of-life deadline for Windows Server 2003, a server system used by millions all over the world for over a decade. Why are they shutting down these two brands that have been recognized and used by so many people for so long?

microsoft retirement

It’s simple: They’re not good enough anymore.

IT is always evolving. New IT solutions are developed every day, new systems are designed, and new equipment is released. Even the best systems are going to eventually become obsolete. Windows Server 2003 has for a long time been outpaced by other, much more efficient and secure server systems.

And IE hasn’t been able to keep up with browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for a long time. It’s slower, clunkier, and not as adaptable to customizable extensions that make it easier for users to get unique experiences.

By announcing the retirement of these brands, Microsoft is keeping up with the times. They’re recognizing the demand of their consumers for better IT that can keep up with today’s needs:

  • Better security in the face of rising cybercrime
  • More adaptability and flexibility for individual users
  • Faster, more reliable performance
  • Easier mobility

Are you paying attention when Microsoft makes these announcements? Are you still using Windows Server 2003, even though it won’t receive support past July 2015? Are you still using IE when there are far better browsers for business use available for free?

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