A new feature dubbed as Microsoft’s Windows ‘Hello’ can be a huge bonus for many businesses that want to operate faster and more securely.

What is Microsoft’s Windows Hello?

Microsoft Windows Hello is a new way for business users to log into their Windows 10. The system will use either your facial recognition, fingerprint, or eye so you can immediately log onto either your Windows or the Web.

The biggest advantage of this new feature for business owners is that it will eliminate the use of passwords which are easily forgotten and get spread about the Web, or accessed by hackers or other forms of malware.

The new Microsoft technology is an adaptation from similar tech currently in use as part of the Microsoft Kinect depth camera for Xbox 360 and Xbox One game consoles.

To access your Windows 10 system, Microsoft Hello would be able to authenticate you as a user using a camera or a fingerprint reader instead of having to use a password.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that the added level of security for any business using this system would be similar to what you would find with a smartcard.

The only problem is that any business user wishing to utilize this new technology right now would require that they purchase appropriate biometric hardware for the new technology to work. This would mean adding hardware such as a fingerprint reader or ensuring that your laptop includes a built-in Kinect type of sensor.

Microsoft states that every PC which includes the Intel F200 RealSense 3D camera will be able to support both facial and iris unlocks to automatically sign a user into Windows. The Hello technology will not work with an ordinary webcam.

Many of these new interface sensors will eventually be built into future generations of devices so the extra hardware will no longer be necessary.

Ultimately, this new generation of biometric access security features will provide faster use for most businesses while adding an extra layer or security and make them more secure in the process.

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