Patch Management Tip — How To Turn Off Sleep Settings

Comprehensive and regular patch management is a crucial part of proper IT security. Fortunately, CSP manages patching for our clients as part of our Managed Services. However, to make sure patches are applied, it is important for PCs to have the proper settings enabled.

How to Turn Off Sleep Settings for Windows 10

Type “Power & Sleep Settings” in the search bar at the bottom left of your screen.

Once there, the following are CSP’s recommended settings:

Most importantly, you do not want your PC to go to sleep if it is plugged in. That will prevent it from receiving patches overnight.

Once you have these settings in place, you are ready to be patched. The remaining steps are easy and as follows:

  1. Make sure your PC is connected to the internet (even at home – it does not need to be in the office).
  2. Leave your PC plugged in. If the above settings are in place, your PC will not go to sleep.
  3. Make sure all open documents are saved.

Feel free to reach out to the CSP Helpdesk at or 919-424-2060 if you have any additional questions about this process.


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