Should Companies Run A Phishing Test

Your company doesn’t have to become the victim of a phishing scam. Empower your workforce with the help of email security experts from CSP, Inc.

Phishing Test

Kamala is very efficient, a model employee you wish you could clone. She’s early to every meeting, great with clients and produces superior work products. She gets an email congratulating her for winning a free vacation as Employee of the Month. Even though Kamala has never heard of anyone being named Employee of the Month at your advertising agency, she remembers being complimented for an ad series the client particularly loved.

Out of curiosity and anticipation, she clicks on the link, which downloads a virus that infects her computer and travels from machine to machine. It costs the company days of productivity attempting to eradicate the radioactive bug. Your company has to recover its data from remote backups, disrupting business operations for an additional two days.

What Is a Phishing Attack?

This scenario is more common than you might think. Hackers tap into the curiosity of conscientious employees and lure them into clicking opening fake email.

What Does a Phishing Test Do?

CSP, Inc. offers an email phishing test that sends suspect messages to unsuspecting employees. After sending the spam to your staff’s inboxes, it compiles a report of who opened the emails. This test shows you the overall vulnerability of the organization to these attacks and gives you a list of associates who would benefit from cybersecurity training.

What Are the Benefits of Conducting a CSP, Inc. Phishing Test?

Gain valuable insight into the weaknesses in your company’s email security. Running the test gives employees a palpable example of what could happen if they are lured into clicking on links to viruses masquerading as innocuous messages. You can kickstart a cyber education initiative and help employees spot and report fraudulent messages.

How Should You Follow Up After a Phishing Test?

You can train employees what type of email to report before opening it. CSP, Inc. can provide examples and tips or whole training decks to help associates recognize viral spam.

What Are the Signs of a Fraudulent Email?

Here are characteristics that should raise a red flag about any email message:

  • Embedded links with unknown URLs
  • Unknown or unusual sender address
  • Strange grammar and language

What Are the Most Common Phishing Subjects?

It’s hard to predict what individual hackers may come up with. However, a strong phishing test must include a variety of emails to test your team’s responses. Common subject lines may announce that:

  • The employee won money
  • You Inbox needs to be archived
  • Notice to change your password
  • Membership cancellation

Suspect emails can also include Google Drive links that you are unaware of or notice that your bank account is frozen.

How Can You Contact CSP, Inc. for a Phishing Test?

Your company doesn’t have to become the victim of a phishing scam. Empower your workforce with the help of email security experts from CSP, Inc. Contact us today.

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