Why Secure Wireless Networking is A No-Brainer for Your Raleigh-Durham Retail Outfit

Exploring the top reasons why the retail industry should be adopting secure wireless network technology

We recently heard from a Raleigh-Durham retailer looking for secure wireless networking services. Of course, we were happy to help. More importantly, however, the service request got us thinking. Why aren’t more Raleigh-Durham retailers making the decision to implement secure wireless networking technology?

The fact of the matter is, wired-line networking is becoming obsolete. The challenges presented by physical network connections can have huge impacts on today’s retailers, especially. A physically wired connection makes it impossible for your customers or visitors to securely access Wi-Fi – a luxury that has become a necessity in today’s connected world.

Further, if your physical network connection is down, rebounding isn’t as easy, meaning you can’t process payments and business grinds to a halt. Even worse? Downtime could result in frustrated customers and big hits to your reputation.

So, we’re on a mission to help Raleigh-Durham retailers who are looking to implement secure wireless networking infrastructure at their business. We’ve outlined some of the key questions your organization should be considering when seeking out secure wireless networking solutions. Read on to get an idea of how to secure wireless networking will be a game-changer for your Raleigh-Durham retail organization.

  1. How will secure wireless networking improve your customer experience?

There’s no denying that the customer experience is what makes or breaks any kind of retail organization. Retailers rely on a reliable connection to the internet to keep shoppers connected and happy. In today’s connected world, shoppers want the ability to use the internet in your store and by implementing secure wireless networking technology, you’ll ensure they’re never without access.

Further, when it comes to the guest experience, secure wireless networking goes beyond just maintaining an internet connection for customers. You can also use this wireless connection to push promotional materials to customers and implement loyalty program incentives. However, secure wireless networking technology also makes it easier for your staff to access critical data on inventory, customer histories, and overall operational data seamlessly.

When your team has streamlined and consistent access to data and innovative tech resources at their fingertips, they’re able to provide a more dynamic and comprehensive service experience to your customers. Is a customer wondering about the inventory levels of a certain product? Does an employee need to know the schedule for supplier shipments to better inform customers? Secure wireless networking means your team is able to access the information they need, whenever they need it.

This goes a long way in terms of optimizing your customer service experience. You give the impression that you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure customers have the information they need and that they receive the best shopping experience possible. Your team stays informed and is able to build brand loyalty and long-term relationships with regular customers.

  1. How will secure wireless networking keep your company data safe?

Keeping your business data secure and hidden from prying eyes is absolutely critical in today’s hostile cybersecurity environment. So, how can secure wireless networking play a role in maintaining optimal cybersecurity for Raleigh-Durham retailers?

The fact of the matter is, most retailers worry about implementing wireless network connections for fear of having unauthorized guests access company data. As such, a top priority for retailers is determining how to offer guest access in a secure and controlled way, to ensure that the corporate network and information on it remain isolated. The reality is, you can have the best of both worlds. You can ensure your guests are connected while still protecting your confidential company data.

Secure wireless networking technology offers retailers the ability to implement multi-channel Wi-Fi access. This means corporate data is kept on one channel for employee access while guests are able to access Wi-Fi on a separate channel, isolated from confidential company data. This means your guests are offered a consistent connection, but only to the data and resources you’ve deemed public. Everything else – like your most valuable company data – stays private and safe from wandering eyes.

  1. How will secure wireless networking minimize downtime?

There is no word that retailers hate more than downtime. Not only is downtime a huge financial and operational pitfall, in today’s technologically advanced world, downtime is downright unnecessary. In order to ensure your retail organization isn’t the victim of downtime, you should be taking steps to implement wireless failover technology.

By converting your wireless connection to Ethernet, you’re able to implement two connections: a traditional wired-line router and a second WAN connection. This means, you always have two live connections and your traditional router will automatically determine when your failover is necessary. For busy retailers who don’t have the time, budget, or resources to completely overhaul their network architecture, overlay failover is a reliable and effective solution.

There is also the option of implementing a multi-WAN failover solution, in which devices allow for failover from one wireless connection to another or from a wired-line connection to a wireless one. Multi-WAN failover solutions are reliable and their configuration can be customized to best suit the needs of your retail outfit.

Finally, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRPR) enables a third failover solution which combines internet failover and router failover. With VRPR, if your main physical router fails because of software or hardware malfunctions, your entire network automatically fails over – and your LAN and WAN connections experience no interruption.

Simply put, retailers rely on a stable and fast internet connection in order to service customers and maintain their reputations. If an Internet provider’s physical line goes down, retail environments stand to lose functionality and business – both of which put added stress on employees and create a negative customer experience. So, turning to wireless technology for customized failover solutions is a no-brainer that will protect your business livelihood and reputation.

  1. How can Cloud-based network management solutions offer increased benefits?

Now, as we’ve outlined, implementing secure wireless networking technology can have huge benefits for retailers. However, another key question that retailers must consider is: how will my network be managed once I make the switch to a secure wireless connection?

In order to manage a network of wireless routers and channels, retailers would be smart to implement Cloud-enabled network management solutions. With network management technology up in the Cloud, retail teams are able to quickly deploy and effectively manage secure networks for multiple branch locations and from anywhere – all from a conveniently accessible Cloud dashboard.

The leading Cloud network management solutions for retailers will allow you optimal network administration control so you and your IT team are able to consistently access the primary router and quickly diagnose or fix outages. Simply put, a reliable Cloud management platform for retailers will save you time, resources, and capital. You’re able to consistently manage your wireless network meaning you maximize revenue and minimize business risk.

Final Tips: Additional Considerations for Raleigh-Durham Retailers Looking for Secure Wireless Networking Solutions

Now that we’ve gone over the basic benefits of secure wireless networking for retailers, we’ve got a few final tips for refining your search for a solution. Simply put, you want to ask yourself: how can your organization implement secure wireless networking in a way that will help customers, help staff and compliment your existing network?

The fact of the matter is, implementing a secure wireless networking strategy is critical – it keeps your business data secure, it keeps your company relevant and up-to-date, and it eliminates the fear of expensive downtime. The right secure wireless networking solutions for Raleigh-Durham retailers will provide a structured, scalable and connected retail environment that suits the needs of both your team members and your customers.

Finally, if you’re a Raleigh-Durham retailer looking for secure wireless networking solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional IT consultant for guidance and assistance. IT professionals have experience customizing wireless networks to suit the needs of any retailer and can help answer any remaining questions you have about implementing an optimal retail wireless network. Pick up the phone and call an expert for some one-on-one, professional consultation – it will go a long way in terms of ensuring you maintain connectivity while consistently protecting your revenue and reputation.

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