CSP Inc.’s Employee of the Quarter Program recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of employees who provide high level customer service with a focus on departmental and companywide goals and mission. 

Congratulations to Rich Yoest on earning the Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) award for the third quarter of 2016!  Rich has been working for CSP since March, 2016.  He provides the highest level of quality customer support and services as a Client Engineer on the Rapid Response Team.

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Rich was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Rich is a skilled Cabinetmaker.  He has designed and built all types of projects; bars, cabinets with raised panel doors, shelves, drawers for kitchens and even beds for stuffed animals. One of his major accomplishments was building a garage with the intent to open a business.  Rich, occasionally still does wood-working projects.

As a former Elementary School Teacher, Rich would write quotes on the board and integrate them into his lessons. One of Rich’s favorite quotes, and one that he built his teaching philosophy on, was from John Stuart Mill’s Inaugural Address at St. Andrew’s 1897: “Men are men before they are lawyers or physicians or manufacturers; and if you make them capable and sensible men they will make themselves capable and sensible lawyers and physicians.”  Rich is proud that he developed and presented engaging activities to the students that taught them how to think and learn, not just how to take a test.

Rich has several interests; however, his favorite movies range from a 1997 Sci-Fi drama film called, “Contact” to the 1989 version of “Batman”.  He also enjoys action/comedy films; such as, “Running Scared” and the classic 1984 American comedy horror film, “Gremlins.”

Whenever possible, Rich enjoys beach vacations.  Since moving to North Carolina, Surf City and Kure Beach have become his favorite vacation destinations.  Rich also wants to travel to Belize in the near future.

When asked, “What do you like most about your job?” Rich replied, I am fortunate to work with great people. We work well; putting our minds together to figure out any issue, make fun of each other for not knowing how to resolve the issue, then take the time to teach and learn from each other.  This keeps me busy, out of trouble, and makes the day go by quickly.”

We are fortunate to have Rich as a member of our CSP, Inc. Family.

Thank you Rich for a job well done!

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