Scott Forbes Celebrates 25 Years with CSP!

IT Professional In RaleighWe are proud to announce that Scott Forbes, CSP’s Director of Client Engineering, just celebrated his 25th year at CSP!  We are thankful for his service and humbled by this accomplishment. Scott embodies CSP’s core principles by bringing a positive attitude, incredible work ethic, and amazing customer service skills to CSP.  Please join us in congratulating Scott!

“Wow—time sure does fly,” says Scott. “It’s an honor to have served our clients for 25 years. I treasure the relationships I’ve made and look forward to building even more moving forward.”

Over the course of his quarter of a century with CSP, Scott has done it all. From printer and PC hardware support to his current job managing our Rapid Response Team, Scott has developed an extensive wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience in the IT world. 

In that time, the IT industry has drastically changed. The advent of cloud computing fundamentally altered the way businesses use technology and the way IT experts like Scott support them. 

That said, one thing has remained constant throughout: Scott’s approach to service. 

To this day he continues to embody CSP’s mantra of delivering an impeccable customer service experience and to always go above and beyond for the good of our clients. 

“CSP is proud of and honored by this incredible anniversary,” says Stephen Riddick, CEO, CSP Inc. “25 years is an amazing run. When I think about CSP’s Core Values, Scott lives by each so well. From his customer service to servant leadership, he’s been an integral part of our team and a model for us all. Let’s raise a glass to Scott!”

Scott currently works as our Director of Systems Engineering, acting as a hands-on, lead-by-example leader. He inspires his team every day, helping them to develop in their roles and contribute to the company culture that has made CSP so successful for so long. 

Scott is a strong proponent of servant leadership; that means he loves getting his hands dirty and diving in to help, rather than simply delegating. He is a passionate leader, always celebrating his team’s accomplishments, and never shying away from the chance to have fun and enjoy a joke with his coworkers.

The CSP leadership team is acutely aware that our success as a business is a direct result of the efforts of long-term team members and leaders like Scott. We’re so grateful to have him with us after all this time, and hope that he continues to contribute to our company for years to come. 

Next time you talk to Scott, make sure you congratulate him!

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