What Are the Top 5 Strategies To Secure Your SMB Network?

Today, up to 1 in 40 small businesses may become a victim of cybercrime. Here are 5 tips to prevent your business from joining that statistic.  

One of the things that’s important to us at CSP, Inc. is sharing tips with our clients. Today, up to 1 in 40 small businesses may become a victim of cybercrime. Here are 5 tips to prevent your business from joining that statistic.

What Are the Most Important Points to Educate Employees On?

Human error is one of the biggest problems when it comes to cybersecurity. Simple mistakes can have big consequences. Remind employees regularly to:

  • Close accounts on shared computers
  • Update their passwords regularly
  • Ignore suspicious links to avoid downloading malicious files
  • Keep their passwords private
  • Avoid giving data to phishing scammers

Educating employees about cybersecurity drastically reduces the risk to your network. It’s relatively easy to spot phishing scams if you know what to look for. Make sure to have a policy in place for reporting incidents whether or not they were successful. One of the easiest ways to reduce vulnerability is by keeping up with software updates.

Strong security policies only work if employees are trained and fully understand what’s expected of them. These policies should encompass device and network access, smart file sharing, and password strength as well as clear rules around applying for security access.

How Often Should Software Updates Occur?

Outdated software poses a security risk for small businesses. This includes your website content management tool, inventory and financial tracking, anti-virus programs, and other critical systems — focus on keeping your software updated. If you use an IT service provider, ensure this is included in the scope of work.

Older software versions are child’s play for experienced hackers who’ve found any existing loopholes. Updates patch vulnerabilities and incorporate additional functionality to keep your business safe and improve your user experience. Sometimes, you need to update your hardware to support the latest upgrades. It’s a good idea to evaluate your computers and servers every few years.

What Steps Can You Take to Protect Your Wi-Fi?

Without appropriate precautions, your company’s Wi-Fi network may be vulnerable to cybercriminals. Let’s look at ways to keep that from happening. First of all, always maintain a firewall and make sure all your network data is encrypted.

Password-protect your router, and only give access to your employees. You can do this by setting it up to hide the network name.

Some businesses, such as medical professionals or restaurants, require a public WiFi for the convenience of their guests. Set up a second network for this purpose and keep your official network private. Instruct employees to connect to the private network for additional security.

Why Getting a VPN Is a Good Security Move?

A virtual private network buffers your security efforts when users are web browsing. This makes a big difference if your workforce accesses business files over unsecured networks.

VPN providers direct your data through their servers, mask your IP address and encrypt your data so hackers can’t see your passwords or browsing history. This reduces your vulnerability for remote employees at risk of having business files intercepted or passwords stolen.

Although many large companies have their own VPNs, it may not be feasible for small businesses. Ask your CSP, Inc. consultant the best alternatives to keep your network safe. Although there are free VPNs on the Internet, you should probably avoid free services, which can be unreliable, or worse.

How is Two-Factor Authentication Used?

Two-factor authentication adds another method to verify the user’s identity. It’s always the best option to prevent unauthorized users from hacking into your data with a stolen password. Cloud databases can be infiltrated when users turn off two-factor authentication. Establish safe practices when accessing cloud data to prevent a breach.

Working with CSP, Inc. gives you access to a deep talent pool of cybersecurity professionals. We evaluate your system to help you determine how to reduce your risks and safeguard your network.

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