Data plans. They’re the ugliest part of dealing with any mobile provider in the country today.

Google FI

Even companies like AT&T and T-Mobile that let you carry over unused bandwidth to the next month still charge you the full amount every month for your maximum data allowance, and if you should go over even by a few MB – BAM! Big penalties.

That’s why Google’s new mobile plan, Google Fi, seems so revolutionary. The premise is simple: Pay for what you use.

Here’s how it works:

You pay $20 a month for unlimited calls, texting, mobile hotspot usage, and international coverage. Then you pay $10 a month for every GB of data you want to use. So far, pretty standard, right?

Here’s where it’s different: If you don’t use all the data you buy, Google refunds the difference. Say you go with 4GB for $40, and you only end up using 2GB in one month. You’ll get a refund of $20 back for that month!

Sounds pretty good, right? So what’s the catch?

Only this: Right now, Project Fi is only available in limited areas in the U.S., and it only works with the Nexus 6 phone from Motorola. So far, not a lot of people can jump on this new plan. BUT: It’s a step in the right direction. If enough people sign on for Project Fi, Google is sure to expand the offering, and it will make other mobile companies sit up and pay attention.

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