CSP Has the Small Business Tech Support in Raleigh That Can Propel You to New Heights of Prosperity

No matter what situation you’re currently experiencing in terms of IT; no matter what the state of your technology configuration is in – CSP has the answer to your IT woes, challenges, and wish list. How can we answer your information technology concerns? Through complete small business tech support solutions in Raleigh that tackle each and every concern, you have related to your computer network to allow you to leverage new modes of productivity and prosperity.

Since 1995, CSP has successfully delivered state-of-the-art Information Technology Solutions to businesses throughout North Carolina.

As a complement to our Managed Services and Cloud offerings, we can assess, design, and implement the optimal small business tech support solution for your organization. CSP is the one-stop source for advanced technology solutions, and we provide ongoing support for these solutions. When contrasted with our competitors, CSP saves our clients a great deal of time, energy, and money.

This unique approach has proven to be a vital differentiator that helps CSP stand out from our competition. Our technical expertise, size and breadth of our staff, and scalability have made CSP one of the most successful Value Added Resellers (VARs) in NC. We are much more than a VAR, however. We are also a full-service, Managed Services Provider (MSP) that supports your organization 24/7 from the desktop to the data center.

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of analyzing your IT environment and prioritizing your initiatives? CSP’s small business tech support can help.

Over time, issues can emerge, such as performance problems, inefficiencies, unintended information silos, and security gaps. At times, it can be difficult for an organization to clearly discern issues that need to be addressed in their technology infrastructure.

Without an objective outside perspective, it is often difficult to know where to invest your limited IT resources. CSP has developed a structured, comprehensive set of Information Technology Assessments to address this problem. Through CSP’s IT Assessment services, your business can hire an expert for a short-term engagement to perform an independent assessment of your various small business tech support needs.

Comprehensive IT Assessments: The Key to Understanding Your Small Business Tech Support Challenges

CSP can provide a comprehensive assessment of your current IT environment to identify strengths and weakness in your computer systems and offer recommendations for the future. Depending on your priorities, we may focus on areas such as hardware, software, network design, security, storage, and communications.

Assessments are based on IT industry best practices, and we utilize specialized tools and resources not available to most businesses that help us determine your ongoing small business tech support requirements.

Our techniques include on-site engineering surveys and interviews with key personnel. Upon completion of your IT assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings and an in-depth, professional consultation to discuss our recommendations.

Our assessments focus on the following areas:


This comprehensive assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses of your current IT environment. Key focus areas include business applications, hardware, software, network design, security, communications, storage infrastructure, business continuity, administration, Internet, mobile computing, and lifecycle planning.


This assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of your security posture. It includes reports on network infrastructure vulnerabilities, gaps in policy, and compliance issues. We provide businesses with a clear understanding of their current environment, as well as recommended action plans to improve overall security. Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing of your network are also available.

Server and Storage Consolidation

Designed for businesses with more than three servers or greater than one terabyte of total storage, this assessment calculates the cost savings of consolidating servers and storage, and virtualizing your environment.

Business Continuity

This assessment is the first step necessary for developing a strategic Information Technology Business Continuity Plan to be executed in the event of a disaster. The assessment includes a Business Impact Analysis and a Gap Analysis which identifies issues and areas that must be addressed before finalizing the Business Continuity Plan.

IP Telephony (VoIP) ROI Analysis

Designed for businesses with greater than 25 phones, or those with multiple locations, this assessment calculates your current telecom costs and potential savings of migrating to VoIP technology. Also available is a readiness assessment to verify your current network infrastructure’s ability to support a VoIP implementation.

Managed Services ROI Analysis

Designed for businesses with 10 to 1,000 users, this assessment calculates your current IT support costs and the potential benefits of a Managed Services agreement.

Wireless Site Survey Analysis

Designed for businesses that want to deploy a new wireless LAN, or to troubleshoot an existing WLAN, this assessment analyzes wireless access point coverage, signal strength, interference, and signal to noise distribution.

Cisco Professional Services Assessments

As a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Specialized Partner, CSP can facilitate independent assessments provided by Cisco’s Collaborative Professional Services group. Cisco’s Professional Services Assessments can be utilized for either pre-design efforts, or post-implementation validation.

Our Always-Available Cisco Professional Services Assessments include:

  • Routing and switching assessment
  • Network device security assessment
  • Unified communications readiness assessment
  • Unified communication manager assessment
  • Unified messaging assessment
  • Contact center assessment
  • Video service level assessment

Predictable & Consistent Operational Costs

Are you tired of budgeting for massive capital outlays? Tired of being surprised by unforeseen support costs or unexpected hardware or license needs? If so, our versatile cloud solutions can help.

With a predictable monthly cost, you can streamline your entire IT budget. Furthermore, when looking at a holistic IT budget, the cloud can be extremely cost-competitive. The monthly price of cloud services combines software licensing, hardware infrastructure, maintenance, data back-up, power/cooling, and software assurance. A comprehensive analysis allows you to make your IT expenditures an operating expense instead of a capital investment, which often proves to be a net-neutral investment, or better.

Enterprise Solutions in the SMB Space

Most cloud environments run on cutting-edge infrastructure platforms. They have the redundancy, performance, security, and reliability that, in the past, has only been found in large enterprise data centers. Small to midsize businesses can now enjoy these same benefits by leveraging affordable cloud technologies through our small business IT support platform.

Furthermore, your organization will always have access to the latest software versions and hardware platforms without having to worry about making additional investments.

Scalability Protection Quick Facts

  • More data was produced in 2013 than in the combined history of the world (Gartner Research).
  • Some analysts predict 5000 % growth in data by 2020.

Without adapting new approaches, it will be nearly impossible for a small business to keep up with this exponential growth of data in coming years. While many organizations have historically seen average server refreshes occur every five years, this new surge in data will force that number to drop. The cloud, for many companies, will be a necessary tool required to leverage economies of scale and handle this growth in the most cost-effective manner.

Cloud Solutions – A Big Part of Our Small Business Tech Support

We provide IaaS and DaaS (infrastructure as a Service and Desktop as a Service) cloud solutions that optimize your business communications, data backup, and workflow capabilities, along with business continuity, risk mitigation, and cost of ownership elimination.

The following are some of our most popular cloud solutions:

  • Hosted Voice
  • Infrastructure and Desktop as a Service
  • Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Office 365
  • Internet and Telecom
  • E-Mail Security and Archiving

Ready for Small Business Tech Support in Raleigh That Will Free You from IT Worry and Propel Your Prosperity?

If so, reach out to the CSP team and tell us your IT story. Our Raleigh small business tech support capabilities can propel your security, productivity, and prosperity; call us at (919) 424-2000  or send us an email at info@cspinc.com to get started.

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