SolarWinds Software Hack — CSP Clients Unaffected

Please note that the software hack affecting SolarWinds Orion has not impacted the SolarWindsMSP software used by CSP for remote monitoring.

The US Government and numerous corporations around the world have been hit by a devastating supply chain attack. What is presumed to be a foreign state-sponsored cyber-military team injected dangerous code into an update of popular software developed by SolarWinds.

As you may know, CSP uses SolarWindsMSP for remote monitoring, but this software has not been affected by the hack. At this time, it appears the damage is limited to Solarwainds Orion, an infrastructure monitoring and management platform used by The US Treasury, commerce departments, and a long list of major global corporations.

According to SolarWinds:

“We have scanned the code of all our software products for markers similar to those used in the attack on our Orion Platform products identified above, and we have found no evidence that other versions of our Orion Platform products or our other products contain those markers. As such, we are not aware that other versions of Orion Platform products have been impacted by this security vulnerability. Other non-Orion Platform products are also not known by us to be impacted by this security vulnerability.

We have also found no evidence that our SolarWinds MSP products, including RMM and N-central, and any of our free tools or agents contain the markers mentioned above.”

The CSP team will carefully monitor the situation and ensure any updates to the SolarWindsMSP software are verified and scrutinized in light of this attack. At this time, CSP clients have no reason for concern.

Rest assured that security remains a top priority for CSP. In recent years, we have invested heavily in various platforms to enhance our security posture and minimize cybersecurity risks for our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about this situation whatsoever, please get in touch with our team.

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